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Set Sonos as the Default Speaker for Google Assistant

  • 4 March 2020
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We're excited to share that together with Google, we’ve added a much requested feature to bring new functionality to the Google Assistant on Sonos


You can now link Sonos speakers with Google devices as a default speaker, which allows you to control Sonos speakers without using the name of those rooms in the command. You can connect a Sonos speaker with any Google Home device as the speaker, which has you able to use the Google Home device as the microphone input for that room. 


Full directions can be found on the Google website for ‘Pick a preferred TV or speaker’.


With a default speaker set up, you don’t need to specifically state the name of the speaker/group to be used for playback. (i.e. “Play music in the Kitchen”). Now you can choose a preferred device for all audio voice commands that you use with Google Home. These voice commands will play on your preferred Sonos device, all without having to specify its name. 

If you want to play media on a device that's not your preferred speaker, you can still ask to play media on that device. To play music on another device and not your default one, say "Ok Google, play Iron Maiden in the Kitchen”. 


Not familiar with Google Assistant on Sonos? We have an entire subforum dedicated to that. Click here to visit it.

Trying to find out how to get Google Assistant set up with your Sonos system? We have an article that covers that here.

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2 replies

Absolutely love this! Would have loved it even better if it was not limited to media playback.

Eg when I ask the Google Nest Hub ‘what’s the news today’ it still plays on the Hub instead of the Sonos.

BUT I’ll take this win for today. Music playback is my main use case so this covers 80 to 90% of what I do.

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This is a great feature indeed! Since mixing my Sonos with Home/Nest Mini’s I had to state the room name the speaker I wanted to hear music from. Since this feature was enabled on my Sonos devices (sometime last week) this is no longer necessary.