Outage Spotify Playback Issues and Spotify Connect from Android - December, 2017

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Hi everyone,

We're investigating an outage affecting music playback for some Spotify users. We will update this thread when the outage is resolved.

Best answer by Ryan S 4 December 2017, 18:31

Hi everyone, thanks for jumping in and sharing what you're seeing.

This thread has taken on a life of its own and is encompassing two separate issues. There was an outage that is fully resolved, that started on November 30th.

In addition to that original issue, there seems to be a new problem under investigation at the moment. This issues, is being unable to use Spotify Connect to control your Sonos Players, when using some Android devices.

If you are having any further trouble with Spotify and Sonos I'd encourage you to give us a call on our support line.

We'll continue to update this thread when we have any news to share regarding the second issue, it's being worked on at the moment.

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Hi Jeff, Sonos started off by telling me I didn't have a premium Spotify account (I do) and then it said it cannot connect. Now it's saying "please upgrade your account with Spotify".
My premium acct spotify app recognizes the Sonos speakers under devices available but is unable to connect. It is able to connect to amazon echo and bluetooth speakers.
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mine too
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Hi folks,

The Spotify outage should now be resolved. Please test things out and let us know if you continue to have any issues.
The Spotify issue is not resolved on my end. I have a premium Spotify account and can see the Sonos speakers from the Spotify app under Devices Available, but it will not connect. Spotify can connect to the Amazon Echo and blue tooth speakers. This was not an issue until recently.
Same here. Have a premium Spotify account and can see the Sonos speakers but cannot connect through the Spotify app. No trouble connecting with Echo devices. I could do this easily until a few days ago.
Same here, I can see speakers but connection is not possible.
I have the family package, we have two problems, first is that we can't play our own music across separate rooms / Sonos speakers, only shows my account through the app on all our devices and can't connect through Spotify app either
Still an issue for me
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Not resolved except, bizarrely, Spotify on Sonos works via alexa
Not solved for me either!!!
I see all my speakers but can't connect to any of them with the Spotify app!

We need this resolved now!
Still a big problem! Can see speakers but won't connect through Spotify.... Help!!!!!
And now it got worse!
I can't play Spotify from the Sonos app either..

Just getting Can't play xxxxxxxx Connection to Spotify lost..

Sort this NOW!
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Hi everyone,

It looks like we still have an outage ongoing for Spotify on Sonos. We'll post another update here when we know more.
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Hi again,

Thanks for your patience, everyone. The Spotify outage should now be resolved for most users. If you're still having playback issues it is probably not related to the outage. You can try a few basic troubleshooting steps to get things working again. Try rebooting your router and Sonos speakers. You might also try removing and re-adding Spotify to your Sonos system.

If those steps don't do the trick, please submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos app after reproducing the playback error. Then, reply here with the confirmation number and we'll take a look.
Hi Jeff not resolved here .Just paid a 1 off fee to Spotify and cant use it as sonos keeps dropping out of Spotify ....Most annoying to say the least
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camerongas wrote:

Hi Jeff not resolved here .Just paid a 1 off fee to Spotify and cant use it as sonos keeps dropping out of Spotify ....Most annoying to say the least

Hi camerongas,

Please submit a diagnostic report from your system and reply with the confirmation number.
We have the same problem, it’s happened following a recent upgrade! Please advise
Have you submitted a diagnostic, like Jeff S has asked for? If so, you need to post the number here, so that he or one of his colleagues can look at it.
Still same issue. Submitted diagnostics 8159603
I can now play Spotify via the Sonos app but I can't use Spotify Connect to cast to Sonos speaker?
That issue remains.
Still the same issue with Spotify for me too 😞
Got a reply from the Spotify support "it will be sorted in a coming update".. So I've reported that reply.. They are so far from the Sonos support it's amazing.
I highly doubt that person even bothered to look at it before hammering out a standard reply..

It's not like Jeff S here who takes ownership of the problem and does his utmost to sort it.
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srgvg wrote:

Still same issue. Submitted diagnostics 8159603

Thanks for sending in the diagnostic report. The cause of the issue is not immediately clear from your report. It would be best to work with out phone team on some more in-depth troubleshooting. Please give us a call and reference case number: 171201-002924. You can find our phone number and hours here.
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Can't see my Sonos speakers in Spotify app....
My diagnostic: 8159875
Since last update something is wrong with Spotify Connect, outage or not, still do not know if it is on Sonos side or Spotify one.


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