Orange Livebox 3 in France

  • 7 August 2015
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We have discovered an issue with the Livebox 3 router from Orange in France. Customers have reported problems setting up, players dropping from the household and reports of the system not being found on the controller.

Our teams are working in close cooperation with Orange to identify a fix.

In the meantime, it is possible to reboot the router to temporarily restore functionality. We know this isn’t a true solution, but it will get your music playing again.

We’ll update this topic as we discover more.


UPDATE 05/25/16 : Orange has released a firmware update for Livebox Play, including a fix for the reported issue with Sonos. The update will be automatic, but you can also manually update your Livebox.

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4 replies

Hi Kenneth,
The issue is probably not on your side.
The Livebox 3 is an ok routeur but It still has the same issues after 3 years of updates. One of them is that it can't handle communication between devices on the network half of the time, especially when one if on WiFi (like the Sonos controller) and one is on ethernet (like the Sonos speaker).
It is the same if you have a wired Apple TV and you try to Airplay to it over WiFi. It often is laggy, or can't connect at all, even if the device shows up in the list.
It is even more annoying when you're like me and you have a powerline WiFi extender. By switching from the Livebox's WiFi to the extender's WiFi, the phones goes from wireless to wired via ethernet and it often messes up the Sonos controller.
Orange needs to fix the Livebox or you could allow the system to be controlled over the Internet, which would bypass this chaotic DHCP server.
Give us news when you have some on this issue 🙂
Yesterday, I could repro Sonos crashing Livebox 3 (firmware when trying to find Sonos system from an iPhone/iPad, perhaps Multicast DNS or UPNP somehow crashing the box that will reboot.
I cannot reproduce today. Will capture traffic if possible.
It seems there is many probleme with livebox 3 and 4.
I resoved the problem by desactivate the IPV6 for the local network.

It seems :
- the livebox not integrate the non compatible IPV6 product....
- Sonos is not able to be IPV6 compliant on 2016....
And a second point if you get 2 sonos on the RJ45 Network, the livebox create a networkk loop, You have to get just one connected to your RJ45 network