New Play Commands with version 6.4

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With Sonos version 6.4 there are some big changes to playing music on Sonos controllers. We’re making it even easier to put on music and have it keep playing. Here's some useful information for you about what's new, and don't forget to check out our blog too for some more.

The default tap or double click function has changed. Tap any song once and it will start to play. Select any song from within an album or playlist and Sonos will replace your queue and play that track followed by whatever comes next.

Listen to a whole playlist by tapping ‘Play All,’ or hit ‘Shuffle’ and mix it up, or start an album right from the album view by tapping on the ‘Play’ icon on the artwork.

You can still build your own track order and queues by tapping *** next to any song. Select ‘Play Now’ to skip the current song and add the selection to the Queue as the next song or songs. Choose ‘Play Next’ or ‘Add to End of Queue’ and build a playlist.

Once you’ve changed what’s in a queue, Sonos will ask you before wiping out your hard work. If you make a queue you like, save it and it will be faster than ever to jump back in later.

We know there are some huge changes here and hope that it doesn’t take too long to get used to it. Play around with the functions and new menus. You might delete your Queue a few times, so make sure you save the playlists that you like. Discover some new music and try all the options for a bit, and don’t forget to show your friends and family just in case they haven’t seen the news.

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......"The default tap or double click function has changed. Tap any song once and it will start to play. Select any song from within an album or playlist and Sonos will replace your queue and play that track followed by whatever comes next. "....

I dont like that feature at all! Having the ability to play an entire album right from the album view, Great! but when I select a single song, my que is replaced with that song followed by every other song listed too...well, sorry, but that just sucks.

So now in order to just add that 1 song to my que without destroying the que, i have to hit the dots and select play now. etc. not sure who thought this was a good idea but I hate it, and I have already had calls from 2 clients today complaining that their "sonos was acting funny after the update", Not really a true "tap and play" if you dont want all the other songs, and spend tons of time on the phone explaining to clients that they now have to do things differently.

I find this new "feature" to be counter-intuitive as well as highly annoying in many ways.

Play all, shuffle all...awesome!

Play the entire album from album view, I love it.

Play a song instantly with 1 tap, great, but i have rarely ever wanted to add every other song that is listed with it, be it from a playlist or from search results from napster, deezer , music library, etc. In many cases, IE: a search on napster , say, for The Rolling stones, will bring several hundred songs, many of them duplicated throughout the list many times. You have the "play all" and "shuffle all" buttons now at the top, which is a nice addition for sure. but please dont force me to que up everything. The dots are there with additional options should i want to clear/replace/add or whatever.

If you want to boast about "1 touch play", then keep it just that. Tap a song, it goes into the que and begins to play, nothing more, nothing less and it doesnt destroy the que you already have going! This is one feature that you really should rethink. or at the very least, give us the option of disabling it.

This is the first time I find myself disappointed with Sonos.
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Sonos I hope you're listening.

I never comment on these things but since I'm heavily invested in your products and use them every day I feel obliged to share my opinion. Completely agree with all previous critical sentiments regarding this horrible update (6.4). It's at best nonintuitive and at worst clumsy and maddening.

After installing the update on my phone and tapping a Spotify track my queue of 1500+ tracks was instantly wiped out and replaced with the album of the selected track (!) without any notice or warning. I have myself to blame for not saving the queue prior to updating. Not doing that again and definitely not updating any of my other devices. Still, there's no justification for wrecking the functionality in this way as others have already eloquently stated. Why not let a tap simply add the selected track to the end of the queue and start playing without removing anything?

While I'm at it, how come you have prioritized this funny business instead of finally introducing a search function within the queue itself? Believe a search function has been widely requested for at least a couple of years now.

Will be changing the 5 star rating in the app store to zilch until the app has come to its senses...
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I'd like the default of a double click in the Sonos Desktop Controller to be add to the queue and play in stead of clear the queue and play. The same goes for tapping a song on my smart phone: a simple tap shouldn't clear the existing queue. That's right. Nothing should ever clear the queue except for a dedicated button that says "Clear Queue." I can't believe I have to say this.
Sonos should also take note of the number of people who are making the effort to sign up to this forum just to complain. I think that says a lot about the recent upgrade.
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I hate the new function adding every song that comes after the one I select to the playlist. I have searched settings but cannot find how to disable this horrible feature. How do I stop it please?
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Please provide an option to revert to "Add to Queue" vs. immediately playing the selected track. The previous functionality was a major selling point for me. The new functionality wreaks havoc during social settings when multiple people are collaborating on a "live" playlist during a party. Think TouchTunes-like. Now every time someone instinctively selects a track, the current playing song is skipped and the whole queue is wiped out. Not fun.
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Ryan, we are saying we don't like the instant play and verging on hatred of wiping out our queues. We respect that you like the new functionality, but don't force it down our throats. The simple compromise is to allow the user to change the behavior in settings. This enables your party guests to wipe out your carefully crafted pary playlist after one Muppet selects Aqua's Barbie Girl from that 100 track"Best Forgotten Songs of the '80s" you forgot you had. For the rest of us, Barbie Girl will go into the queue next or at the end which is where we want it to go and best of all our carefully curated tracklist remains intact.

With friends in a party situation you'll just want to make sure to let them know which buttons to press if they don't have Sonos already.

This means the software is no longer intuitive to use. The default behavior is unexpected. A non-expert might expect tapping on a song to play it now or add it to the queue. If it could reasonably be either, throw up a menu (which is the way it used to work).

It is NOT intuitive or even vaguely expected that tapping a song wipes the queue and adds the whole album. There are other ways to do this.

It is even more bizarre that tapping the last song in an album adds the whole album!

This version of the software seems to break the Sonos philosophy of easy use.
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How would you feel if you got up one morning to find that someone had rearranged all the furniture in your lounge?

That's what Sonos have done with the update.
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I agree with Johnkfitz. This change makes it too easy to,wipe out the queue. I can see you've tried to match Apple's music app function, which I have never liked. Please give us the option.
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Echoing what others have already said, the new default tap/double click behaviour is awful! If I select a single song out of an album I never want to replace my whole queue with all the songs in that album...never!!!!!

Please revert to the old behaviour or add an option so that we can configure the behaviour.
Oh man my family is not happy with this change. I'm not resistant to change but can't say the same for everyone in my house 🙂 The old queue worked well for us, please bring this back as an option.
Bored of Balham - iOS 10 is a typical Apple incremental upgrade. You need to go searching for the changes but the core functionality is the same. There is a fundamental difference. What Sonos have done is destroy the functionally that made it unique from all the other products out there. If you like the current version then we have to respect that but there are many of us that have invested a lot of money in a product and it has suddenly been updated to work in a completely different way, surely you can understand our frustration. I hope that Sonos realise this and implement a fix to suit both types of user.
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Bump for this thread. Sonos, please listen up. You broke the user experience with this update. The new options should *add* to the experience, not change it significantly. This is standard product development, It's like is your "Windows 8" moment, some things are better, some things the users just hate. I'm a second time around Sonos user, when I left previously it was because the radio streams for BBC were broken. I returned once you'd fixed them. Now I'm looking to leave again. I may go the Naim UnitiQute route, or possibly BlueSound. That said, even with the new menu options, you have to fix the queue bug where the music has stopped playing and you add a new song and Sonos adds it at #2 in the queue, thus playing most of the queue *again* !!! The experience should be that 'Play Now' adds the song to the end of the queue., as it was before. Please fix it, it's driving me insane......
Since I actually came to this forum to find a way to turn off this new instant play functionality, I'd have to agree with those who feel this upgrade broke a really fine system. In fact, the previous functionality was a major reason I went with SONOS in the first place.

I hate it when I forget about it when I'm by myself, but even worse is using this new method with guests during a social function. That is the definition of frustration.

SONOS: Please make this an option rather than forcing me to use it.
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Really Ryan? Tell the guests to watch the buttons? That's a pretty bad answer.
The default tap or double click function has changed. Tap any song once and it will start to play. Select any song from within an album or playlist and Sonos will replace your queue and play that track followed by whatever comes next.

After two days, we feel this doesn't work for us. No one here ever intends to replace the queue with an entire album or playlist with a single tap or double click on a song. Even after I repeatedly explained how it works, they (family) say the result of tapping / double clicking a song feels random. They never know what's going to happen. As a result they are not going to try to keep tack of whether the queue is "edited", they are just never going to select a song by tapping or double clicking. Not a good solution. Tapping sometimes happens by accident while simply scrolling. I don't think this is the experience Sonos had in mind with this change, but that's what has happened here.
In my opinion, they have adopted the app style (I call it the iTunes style, so sue me). The problem is, an app is for use by one person and their headphones, or at most one person and a Bluetooth speaker that is listened to by a group. Sonos is more communal, and it is used in a home setting. It's more like a whole home jukebox than a one-room boombox, and jukeboxes should operate like jukeboxes - each user picks a song and they play in order. I loved this feature; even if, like a jukebox, some idiot inevitably used the "Play Next" feature to stick a Barney song or "My My My Delilah" into a cool alternative groove you've got going.

Now it's not only the default to immediately play Barney or Tom Jones, it queues up a whole album of Barney's or Tom's Greatest Hits, and deletes the rest of the queue in the process! Which is great for one guy playing Spotify through his headphones, but it flat out stinks in a "music as a social gathering" situation, which is what Sonos marketing has been preaching for a while. Why market the fact that music brings families and groups together, then change your UI so that it mimics the use-case of an introvert loner listening to his headphones and not interacting with anybody else?
I dunno, I hope this will be Sonos' "New Coke", listening too much to focus groups. Sure would like the option of setting things back the way they were, which was pretty much perfect.
There is an implicit "contract" between users and software - "What you tap is what you get". Sonos has broken this.

When I double-click a doc file in Windows explorer, it opens in Word. Sonos would open every doc file in the folder and close any that were already open.
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I'd like the default of a double click in the Sonos Desktop Controller to be add to the queue and play in stead of clear the queue and play. The same goes for tapping a song on my smart phone: a simple tap shouldn't clear the existing queue.
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One unintended awesome accidental bonus feature of the new update is "click track, play from here to end of album". I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ever wanted it (for a "continue iPod commute soundtrack when I get home" use-case). But such a feature should never be the default, always a menu option. And the play button should do consistent things across all screens (preferably "append to queue and play" as before, not "replace queue"). And obviously, that "insert into stopped queue at position 2" bug/feature is rubbish... If I could rollback/refuse this update I would.
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We had our first use of 'party occasion' Sonos last Saturday. Maybe 'disaster' would be too strong a word but Sonos came out of it very, very badly indeed.
Lost count of how many times songs were interrupted and stopped for new songs - while people were singing and/or dancing. I was guilty just as much as others who I'd tried to 'educate'. Especially as you'd had a few drinks, you just didn't know what was going to happen when you pushed a button. After a few instances of completely losing the queue I went to it and moved a couple of tracks around - but still songs were added immediately when pressed on the phone. Couldn't fathom it out until I realised and had to explain (to no avail) that because the songs had been found (as is often the case at an 'occasion') by a search, that the 'play' behaviour for some reason was different and inconsistent. They no longer knew when adding a song what would be added - or even if the whole queue would be deleted. Not a single person 'got it' and, unlike past occasions where Sonos has gained a few sales, the app was absolutely hated with a passion. Why not keep the 'old' behaviour as the default - and the newer functions within the ... options?
One simple question was, even if you 'liked' the functionality of adding the complete album - or stupid, atmosphere destroying playlist, why did that mean the queue was deleted? Why not just insert it where you have asked? I couldn't answer that one either.
I only used the system again today for the first time since - opposite effect for me and listening far less. Horrible mess of an update.
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I observed the same thing. Ppl are seemingly joining the community to have their voice heard. Persons who would have otherwise gone about quietly enjoying their system without bantering with us.
Just signed in as also very unhappy about pressing a song adding whole album and replacing queue. It's really unintuitive and far too easy to do by accident.
Please revert back to old system.