New Play Commands with version 6.4

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I am really unhappy with the new iOS app. I often listen to podcasts. I used to be able to add all episodes from one podcast to the queue WITHOUT replacing the queue. Now the choice is to add them one at a time by clicking on the three dots and then add to end of queue or add them all and replace the queue. What genius designed this?

Which field are you using when you go to play podcasts are you using "This iPhone" ? If so, when you open up the podcast you should have a *** menu at the top right on top of the artwork with the option to add all tracks to the end of the queue, along with a few other options. Also, a long press on the podcast name before you get to the full show page which should pull up a menu too with the option for this as well.

Thanks for this. I didn't see the ... at the top. Works great!
Why market the fact that music brings families and groups together, then change your UI so that it mimics the use-case of an introvert loner listening to his headphones and not interacting with anybody else?
Well put, and FWIIW the changes don't please this introvert user either.

I am less heavily impacted than some customers, as I rarely queue single tracks. Meaning that the queue everything, and play all from here behaviours don't bite me too often. I would really hate that.

What affects me most is that I can't easily queue and play an album once the queue is exhausted. The intuitive actions (Play Next or Now) cause the album to be loaded into queue position #2. It starts playing, and then proceeds to replay the old queue (?!). excepting the first item?! ... Sonos have responded that this is as designed, but that is not credible, because what kind of design is that?

I have retaught muscle-memory, to work against intuition, and to not do that anymore. I am left with "Add to end of queue". This doesn't re-queue any unwanted tracks, and it doesn't overwrite the queue, which is good as far it goes. ... but it don't start any music playing. ... I have to scrabble through the day's queue to find the first track of the new album, and then tap on it.

The shouty headline for this new release is "LISTENING OUT LOUD JUST GOT EASIER WITH YOUR SONOS APP"

Well, I don't think so.

Their other current promotion is "You're better than this. It’s time to start treating your music right."

You've got that right Sonos. ... Please implement a configuration option to make this alteration to your play behaviours optional.
I dunno, I hope this will be Sonos' "New Coke", listening too much to focus groups. Sure would like the option of setting things back the way they were, which was pretty much perfect.
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BarryM I like you I struggle to accept that after an exhausted playlist that Play Now interjects a track into second place as "designed as intended". It is not only not credible, it's ridiculous. It is obviously an unintended consequence of quickly returning the Play Now option that Beta users clamoured for. Software developers obviously could not be bothered to clean it up before release to market and that is a bit concerning.
Oh man my family is not happy with this change. I'm not resistant to change but can't say the same for everyone in my house 🙂 The old queue worked well for us, please bring this back as an option.
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Also seeing a lot of errors with queue. Trying to use the play all frequently gives me a 1002 error. Didn't happen before
Would love also to have the previous quene back as well
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Please provide an option to revert to "Add to Queue" vs. immediately playing the selected track. The previous functionality was a major selling point for me. The new functionality wreaks havoc during social settings when multiple people are collaborating on a "live" playlist during a party. Think TouchTunes-like. Now every time someone instinctively selects a track, the current playing song is skipped and the whole queue is wiped out. Not fun.

That hits the nail on the head. Sonos was once an ideal party-starter. You could pass around the iPad, and people could search for a song and play it instantly. You gotta know that the first instinct of any newbie is to "Play" a song they want to play. Why? Because it's logical. Selecting a song to play should play the song. It shouldn't add the whole album, replace the entire Queue, or bring up a warning. The biggest buzzkill in Sonos history.
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......"The default tap or double click function has changed. Tap any song once and it will start to play. Select any song from within an album or playlist and Sonos will replace your queue and play that track followed by whatever comes next. "....

I dont like that feature at all! Having the ability to play an entire album right from the album view, Great! but when I select a single song, my que is replaced with that song followed by every other song listed too...well, sorry, but that just sucks.

So now in order to just add that 1 song to my que without destroying the que, i have to hit the dots and select play now. etc. not sure who thought this was a good idea but I hate it, and I have already had calls from 2 clients today complaining that their "sonos was acting funny after the update", Not really a true "tap and play" if you dont want all the other songs, and spend tons of time on the phone explaining to clients that they now have to do things differently.

I find this new "feature" to be counter-intuitive as well as highly annoying in many ways.

Play all, shuffle all...awesome!

This explains the newfound hassles well. Installers everywhere are going to mutiny once the client complaints start rolling in. "So let me get this straight," they'll say. "Trying to play one song replaces my whole Queue or brings up a warning?" Why?

Sonos should clear up this debacle before it costs them sales. At the very least, provide users/installers options as to what happens when a song is selected for play. Or, better yet, go back to the way it was before. The ease of use was what made Sonos #1.
Play the entire album from album view, I love it.

Play a song instantly with 1 tap, great, but i have rarely ever wanted to add every other song that is listed with it, be it from a playlist or from search results from napster, deezer , music library, etc. In many cases, IE: a search on napster , say, for The Rolling stones, will bring several hundred songs, many of them duplicated throughout the list many times. You have the "play all" and "shuffle all" buttons now at the top, which is a nice addition for sure. but please dont force me to que up everything. The dots are there with additional options should i want to clear/replace/add or whatever.

If you want to boast about "1 touch play", then keep it just that. Tap a song, it goes into the que and begins to play, nothing more, nothing less and it doesnt destroy the que you already have going! This is one feature that you really should rethink. or at the very least, give us the option of disabling it.

This is the first time I find myself disappointed with Sonos.
There is an implicit "contract" between users and software - "What you tap is what you get". Sonos has broken this.

When I double-click a doc file in Windows explorer, it opens in Word. Sonos would open every doc file in the folder and close any that were already open.
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Note: You will only get the Queue has been edited message if you are clicking a song in an album (where the system performs a "Play from Here" and wants to delete the queue).

If you click on an individual song in folder or search it will perform a Play Now function and interrupt the currently playing song and play the clicked song next in the queue. This is probably the bigger of the issues being this is supposed to be used in a multi-user environment where interrupting song is frowned upon. The queue however is not deleted.

It is difficult for people to gauge because the interface is inconsistent. If the queue has been edited you should get the same pop up box whether in album or single song (and in my opinion the pop up should also then give you queue options as it used to - the warning only box could be much more)

I appreciate the explanation, but I read this like eight times, and I've experienced an easier time with Ikea instructions. I used to brag to my friends that the Sonos app didn't need a manual. Now it needs an IT department.
I think that the "improvements" are "New Coke".
I think that the "improvements" are "New Coke".

I hope that Sonos do as Coke did; either withdraw it, or allow us a configuration setting controlling how|where|which tracks are queued.

Due to lack of intuitive predictability, and its undesirable side effects to many, it belongs in this "Worst Of" list along with Windows 8, the Apple watch, and my TV's remote controller.
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I have been thinking about ... and very vocally against the change as can be seen in the public beta thread. After a lot of back and forth with "new coke" proponents and other things that have been needed for a long time - - I am now hoping for the following:

On the queue menu a queue lock switch. If the queue lock switch is in place then the following happens - in album view where click on song now gives you warning popup make it function same as if you hit the ... button and give you full menu. In individual song mode where clicking on song performs a play now make the same menu come up. Also disable the play now and replace queue functions in the menu when this switch is on.

The above will return normal functionality to those that do not like "new coke" and also finally provide a type of party mode that protects the queue from being interrupted. The lock switch can be turned off if a user is browsing music by themselves and wants some "new coke"
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+1 to that - then you get the best of both worlds. It's also better that way (rather than buried in settings) as, depending on if you're in a 'single album/playlist' listening mood or 'build a queue (jukebox)' listening mood, you can easily change according to your current situation
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another good thing with the lock being in the queue menu that means the queue for every speaker can be in different mode. If one of my kids for their speaker in their room prefers "new coke" their lock isn't in place. For myself and my guests the lock is on for speakers being used downstairs.
+! to the queue lock idea.
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Badge +17 fact they could just get rid of the confusing 'queue is edited' nonsense in favour of the queue lock (on/off). Queue lock setting should persist through updates and restarts. if you group rooms, the lock setting from the room whose music queue is selected should apply.
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Yea you wouldn't need to system trying to think what you want like it does now (poorly)
I like the queue lock suggestion.

But some q's:

1. under what circumstances does the "queue the whole album|playlist" when I just clicked on a track happen? And does it still queue the whole collection, even though it only plays from the track clicked?
2. the recent changes have wrecked PlayNow with respect to an exhausted queue. It used to queue the selected item at the end of the queue, and start playing, as expected ... It now queues to queue location 2, plays the newly queued item, but then replays all previously queued items from position 2 -> n. PlayNext does the same thing, excepting that no music is started, again unexpected.. ... Add to End of queue goes the closest to achieving the desired result, but no music gets started.

These are two of the items that make the current UI inconsistent, and confusing.

Inconsistent because Play Now works differently depending upon whether the queue is exhausted ... inconsistent because click on a track here and I just get that track, but if I click it there I get the whole bunch). ..

The change also removed function, as there is now an extra click and some scrolling to start an exhausted queue playing, unless you are happy that the queue be destroyed. Surely an exhausted queue is a common occurrence. It is in this household. So a change which was aimed at "Listening out loud just got easier" resulted in the opposite for some customers.
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1- clicking on track wouldn't queue a whole album to play if the lock was on - the lock would have to be turned off to utilize the new Play from Here album feature. When queue lock is on clicking on a song gives you the same menu as if you had hit ... button.

The rest - the Play Now was rather hastily added back in. Previously if you hit Play Now it would add the Play Now selection at the end of the queue and start playing. When they added back Play Now they wanted it to add next in the queue order and Play Now (which I actually think is better). However there was unintended side effect to adding the Play Now back at the last hour that they didn't have time to work on.

Side effects to Play now add back that are in fact issues:

1) since the Play Now is adds next in queue. If queue is exhausted Sonos tracks back to the first song in the queue being next up. So when Play Now is hit it adds itself as second item in the queue. They need to put in some coding so that if the queue is stopped and not playing it should add it as last in the queue.

2) Play Now became the default then when clicking on a single track. So if you search for a track or browse a folder for a single track clicking on it stops what is playing and performs a Play Now (interrupting current music). This is an inconsistency when the queue is in use. In other areas if you click on song when queue is in use you get a warning. Here you get no warning and queue interrupted (not deleted but interrupted in current music stops playing if clicked). Another design issue that couldn't be addressed late in the beta cycle.

It all comes down to Sonos was actually trying to listen in adding back Play Now (which wasn't in early beta cycle) but then by making change late in Beta cycle there were elements that then were not polished up for the full release.
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It all comes down to Sonos was actually trying to listen in adding back Play Now (which wasn't in early beta cycle) but then by making change late in Beta cycle there were elements that then were not polished up for the full release.

I raised the missing 'Play Now' issue back in June ! It shouldnt have been left to the last minute. Not saying the view of 1 beta tester should dictate how the software works but I cant have been alone in that observation !
It all comes down to Sonos was actually trying to listen in adding back Play Now (which wasn't in early beta cycle) but then by making change late in Beta cycle there were elements that then were not polished up for the full release.
If that is the case Chris I would be very much more relaxed, but it is my recollection that they responded to the issue by saying that it was working as designed. Maybe I got this wrong ... Sonos?

I seriously doubt that the current behaviour helps anyone (ie. the replaying most of the queue etc etc) .. and if there were such a person, couldn't they just put the queue onto repeat, or turn on a FM station?

As I said, I like your lock suggestion. That would not only fix the damage done to many customers' experience by the recent change, but it would also go a fair way to addressing long term requests with respect to a party situation, ie. locking out the Play Now & Replace Queue items. ... Still leaves Play Next, but you can hardly lock that out.
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At least play next doesn't interrupt what is currently playing. That to me is the big issue with current release.

They may have said the play now is working as designed ... but they never said it was designed well. It is inherent in the new adding next in queue way of doing play now. Just needs polished up with some extra logic for exhausted queues.
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I'm most certain you will see the big with adding as second item in queue for play now from exhausted queue fixed in next software update.

Queue lock mode - I'm not holding my breath.