New Music Service - Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 8 May 2019
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Starting today, Soundtrack Your Brand is available on Sonos as a music service.

Soundtrack Your Brand lets your business stream music that fits your style and space. Pick soundtracks put together by music experts or create your own in seconds. Soundtrack is a music service built for business, fully licensed for commercial use.

Set the mood for your venue and in just a few clicks you’ll be playing a dynamic stream of music, powered by machine learning and human curation.

To add Soundtrack Your Brand to Sonos, go into the Sonos app and select the Soundtrack Your Brand service from the Sonos app, then follow the prompts to log in to Soundtrack. From there, you will associate a Soundtrack Zone to the Sonos system. More than one Zone can be assigned to a Sonos system by adding the service multiple times.

For more details and availability about Soundtrack Your Brand and Sonos, see our support page here.