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  • 25 July 2015
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We have exciting news to share. On August 5th, our existing communities at and will be merged into an all-new space for online conversation.

Since Sonos was first launched in 2005, community has been part of the Sonos experience. Beginning with, which is now filled with over ten years of Sonos history, and eventually expanded by, the question and answer platform, our community has grown by leaps and bounds.

We love the forums and but there has long been need for growth, in part to overcome the limitations of both platforms, and also to readily connect both groups with each other. Today, we are excited to announce in English, and in German.

The new community will be an easy place to ask questions, get answers, and participate in deeper discussions with the most knowledgeable and experienced Sonos users and employees in the world. It has some of the basic features we’ve been missing on, like an easy way to read long conversations or message another user, along with an updated look and feel over

We’re excited for the move, but aren’t forgetting the past. There are many great discussions, answers, and suggestions on the forums and already; we’re going to save them all. We’ll bring existing user accounts with their posts and likes into the new community. You’ll be able to continue to use your Sonos login credentials, though your username may need be changed to prevent duplicates of common names. If you have an avatar, you’ll also need to reset it.

We strongly believe in both the power and necessity of an online community. There’s no other type of platform or social channel that allows us to have this level of engagement with you. Communities helped Sonos grow to the company it is today, and we see them being hugely important as we grow further in the years to come.

Help us build a single, welcoming Sonos community for everyone. We want everyone that’s part of our communities today to be part of the new community and we will see you all online.

We’d like to give a special thanks to all of our moderators and most active users for making the communities so wonderful over the years and for their help testing the new community to ensure it’s ready for all.

We look forward to you joining the new community in August and sharing your expertise with us all. Let me be the first to say to you all, welcome.

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6 replies

So do we all have to create new accounts?
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So do we all have to create new accounts?
No, all accounts have been migrated from ask and forums. If you are unable to login to your forums/ask account, private message a staff member
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I haven't used the community in a long time. Great because my system (Playbar, 2XPlay 3, Play 5, Boost) have been working without problems.

In the old format, weren't we able to follow a topic or question and be notified when there was a reply or addition. Is that still available?

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At the top of the thread there is a box that says FAVORITES. If you mark it as a favorite (or post in the topic) you will get notified of replies.

Also then when you login you can also click on the favorites menu item on the right to see all threads your subscribed to.
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Is there anyway to set the forum so when I click on a thread it take me to new posts?
Is there anyway to set the forum so when I click on a thread it take me to new posts?
Finding latest/unread posts is a bit of a pain at present. There are evidently changes in the works.