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I'm able to watch and listen to spring training games that started at 1:00 pm EST today at, but when I tried to use the Gameday Audio service on my Sonos One (using the PC desktop controller and both versions of the phone app), it tells me "there are no games available today."

I can also watch and listen using the app on phone and tablet, so this seems to be a Sonos-only problem.

Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

Best answer by Keith N 4 May 2018, 02:26

Hello everyone! Glad to share some good news regarding MLB, Sonos, and Alexa.

Just as Chris shared, the team has been hard at work to bring full support to 20 of the most requested audio skills for Amazon Alexa on Sonos One. One of these supported Alexa skills is MLB At-Bat. This means that if you have a Sonos One, you can use your MLB At-Bat account to bring all the baseball action to your Sonos system this season.

Should we get any more information on how else to enjoy MLB on Sonos, I will be certain to reach out here.
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This is garbage. I just submitted a note via the MLB contact us link ( Make sure you spend the minute to do so and tell MLB you'll cancel your subscription without Sonos support. The more noise they receive the more likely they might listen to their customers. 😠
I just got off the phone with Bernadette, a customer service rep at MLB. 4/13/18. This has nothing to do with money or someone not paying someone else. She said that MLB went through a major re-work of their streaming service and app in the offseason and have to retest all of the devices they support before they make them compatible again. She said that MLB has not gotten around to testing Sonos to be sure the quality is still good. I asked why it wasn’t tested sooner and she said MLB prioritizes the more frequently used devices (i.e. PlayStation, Roku, Google Home, etc.). She couldn’t guarantee me “but felt” that MLB would continue to test software and devices and that Sonos may be compatible “later this season”. She did state that MLB has been on the Sonos forums and MLB forums and is aware of the high level of discontent from Sonos users. She said they file and tally all specific Sonos related complaints either through Twitter, email, phone, etc. and do track that. This may be a way of determining how to prioritize testing or continue to test a product so I’d encourage everyone to keep reaching out to MLB. She did say she personally was aware of a strong Sonos community that was upset. I asked why we weren’t notified about this prior to renewing MLB subscriptions and she had no answer for that. So, hopefully they get Sonos tested and working again before too long. In the meantime, I tried what another user on this forum suggested and, if you have a PLAYBAR for your TV play the radio through your TVs MLB app or through a Roku or Apple TV on to the PLAYBAR and then group the PLAYBAR with your other speakers. It worked fine for me. And you can always mute the PLAYBAR volume if you don’t want it playing in that room. Hope this helps.
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Thank you for the reply, Keith. I find it odd that as an MLB customer, I hadn't received this email.
I also find it further troubling, that as a partner with MLB, that they didn't notify Sonos that this service was no longer being supported so that you could remove it from your website as a supported provider before Spring Training. I'll note that it's still being listed prominently on
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Sonos seemed pretty surprised for it being something they "told" MLB they weren't able to do. If I remember specifically Sonos had some changes to firmware a couple years ago to conform to MLB standards. Sounds like MLB at last minute changed their transmission standard again. I could see MLB telling Sonos last minute that they changed their transmission type and someone at Sonos telling them - that won't work on Sonos.
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TuneIn Premium has all the MLB games as well, I believe (and I think both teams' feeds are available too)... looks like there's at least some pre-season game coverage (MLB on TuneIn). You still won't be able to listen through Sonos, since TuneIn Premium isn't supported, but at least it won't be MLB getting your money. Plus you'll get other sports as well (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer) and some college sports too (no specific conferences mentioned). $10/mo or $100/yr.
As has been said before, this is a decision taken by MLB, and not Sonos. It's to them you should be complaining.
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Hello everyone. Thanks for posting about this. Last week, MLB reached out to their customers via E-mail saying that Gameday Audio will no longer be available for the 2018 season on Sonos. Our team is actively working with them, however, we do not have any new details to share. If we have any more news, we’ll make sure to let you know here. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to reach out to MLB directly on this one for clarity.
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Would switching to XM Radio be a good option. Usually they will offer pretty good deals that are like in the $100 a year range. They carry all the games as well don't they (and available on Sonos).
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Seems to be a better value then the mlb subscription.
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TuneIn Premium would probably be another option for listening to all live sports through Sonos, if Sonos supported it... but they don't.
Note that both Audible and MLB are the responsibility of their respective companies, not Sonos. I'm sure Sonos is equally unhappy as we all are in that the data isn't on their speakers.
I keep following this thread to see if anyone gets an explanation from MLB as to why they dropped this ability. It just doesn’t make sense. Granted, I suspect the percentage of total use through Sonos probably isn’t huge, but why cut it off?
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Not surprising, I got the same message back from MLB:

Thank you for contacting

We do apologize for any inconvenience however, MLB.TV will not be available on Sonos devices for the 2018 season. For a full list of supported devices, visit MLB.TV.

If you have any additional questions, please reply to this email or contact Customer Service at 866-800-1275 (US) or 512-434-1542 (International).


Translation: BS.
My action: Cancel my MLB At Bat subscription
I cancelled my subscriptions and sent an email. Maybe the ship has already sailed on this, but maybe if they hear from enough people they will address the issue. I'm hoping someone from sonos can update us on what is going on from their end.
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I cancelled my subscriptions and sent an email. Maybe the ship has already sailed on this, but maybe if they hear from enough people they will address the issue. I'm hoping someone from sonos can update us on what is going on from their end.

I cancelled my subscriptions moments ago. If nothing else, I am disgusted with MLB and took away my two cents from them.
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OP here, and so is opening day. How pathetic this hasn't been resolved.

Well, I guess we should enjoy baseball while we can. MLB is so poorly led and managed, they're going to have to start eliminating teams in a few years. They have no vision for their product at all. America's PAST pastime.
I use TuneIn premium to listen to baseball, but Sonos doesn’t support it either. So I string a cable between my Mac and the line-in on a PLAY:5.

Works quite well, but I sure wish Sonos could add a new service for TuneIn Premium.
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For now, I am using mlb at bat app on my iPad/iPhone to listen to game day audio and hooking in to line-in on a play5 (then grouping other rooms). I also subscribed to single team on which also has audio (radio) broadcast along with live video. I listen to the radio broadcast on Apple TV on tv with playbar then group others - although nobody can watch tv. I hope this is resolved soon - so much easier to browse on sonos and play.
This is really disappointing. I purchased two Play:1 devices a little less than a week ago, partially due to the expressed support of MLB Gameday Audio on the Sonos site. I am really enjoying these so far and I probably would still have purchased them without the Gameday Audio support, but please consider removing the reference from the Streaming Music section of the site until (hopefully) everyone decides they want to play nice together again. It's very misleading!
The season has just started and we’re ready to play ball when MLB is. We are passionate about supporting MLB on Sonos, and we encourage you as a customer to reach out to them if it’s something you feel passionate about as well.

Can you explain your understanding of the issue? MLB Customer Service called me and said they had transitioned away from Flash and that Sonos' player was the problem. Is that accurate or not?

You say you're ready when MLB is — what does that mean?

No, the Sonos player is using some variety of streaming audio format, not flash. I spoke with MLB today and they told me in no uncertain terms that Sonos is not a supported platform this year, and I didn't get the impression this was a fault or failure, it was a decision on their part.

They made no offer to resolve it, or escalate. I asked for a refund and they processed it immediately.

I don't expect movement on this.

The idea of getting a portable device and plugging it into my line in on one of my Sonos units gives me hives. I bought Sonos so I don't have to do raggedy stuff like that. I am VERY disappointed in MLB in how they made this choice, and the lack of transparency around it (Sonos was unaware of this situation when it happened, and it took us complaining about it to inform them)

That is not how you treat your partners if you have things together which MLBAM clearly doesn't.
I just spoke with MLB this afternoon. After 4 emails and 2 phone calls, I finally got a bit of an answer. They said the change was due to a system upgrade that they made this year. The customer service rep who I spoke with said that they have received 30 calls today from Sonos users specifically. Keep calling. Maybe the community can make a difference and they will help bring it to resolution. 866.800.1275.
Sonos doesn't pay any service provider for any service. Sonos makes money from speaker sales, and doesn't collect any cut of the money that you pay to any of the service providers. Hence they wouldn't be able to "pony up" to a service provider who has decided not to provide their stream to Sonos.

Sonos provides a free API for any company to incorporate, to allow users to listen to that company's stream. Sonos doesn't take any of that subscription money, nor do they pay any of these streams to be on their service.

I think your complaint should be with MLB, and more specifically, the app service that they provide. They are the ones that have pulled the service from Sonos. I'm relatively certain that Sonos is as unhappy as you are, but are unwilling to sour any relationship that they might have by badmouthing MLB. At the end of the day, the only way that Sonos profits is by having as many streams available on their speakers as possible. The only money Sonos makes is from selling speakers.
With this issue and the pathetic implementation of Alexa into the system. I guarantee we have new ownership of Sonos because a company that never had issues is now a pathetic-suficant that no longer cares about their customers.

"Cant get MLB, call MLB" is not the Sonos that I have known for 10 years.

"Alexa really doesn't work well, well try another device"

Sonos will be out of business or bought within 2 years. It's sad to see the great companies change like this. Bad management.

Alternatively, if Sonos wants to get TuneIn Premium working, I'd be happy to give some serious thought to giving TuneIn my money instead of MLB. I'd miss the games on the go in the AtBat app, but...

But as is stated elsewhere in these forums, that would take a major overhaul of Sonos' TuneIn support since the current support doesn't associate Radio by TuneIn with your TuneIn account.

Keith, who just unplugged his line-in cord for the night after closing the browser window with
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It's not just you. I reported this to sonos via twitter. They say they're working with MLB to resolve.