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I am not able to find At Bat in the Skills Store. Only thing that comes up in a search is MLB Flash Briefing.
From what I'm reading in the Alexa app, MLB Gameday audio through Alexa won't be available for the start of the 2019 season. There goes that work-around for getting baseball on Sonos. Here's what I'm seeing under the MLB skill screen in the app:

The Gameday Audio skill will not be available on Alexa devices for opening day 2019 while we work on building a new and improved Alexa skill. We understand that this platform is important for our fans and we thank you for your patience. Please check back for updates later this season. If you need further assistance please contact us at MLB.TV/Support.

Any options left other than Airplay from an IOS device with the At Bat app or my favorite trick, connecting my computer to my Play 5's line-in jack and streaming the game in my web browser to the other rooms?

I'm very sad by MLB's choices here: first Sonos, and now Alexa. I'm wondering if they're trying to give people more reasons to move to MLB TV instead -- something that would do me very little good since I'm blind and TV anouncer's play-by-play is usually less than desirable. :)

Any other suggestions welcomed.

I think you've already got the best solutions out there....either AirPlay 2 if you can, or the connection to a Sonos line in.

I, too, am very disappointed in MLB's choice, and efforts to move everyone to their platform only. Although it is possible that there's some legal reason why they can't allow the data to be "cast" onto a Sonos....but it would be a fairly arcane one, if it exists.
Thanks, Bruce, for the sanity check. Yes, there could be some licensing issues behind it, but considering support on other devices sells more subscriptions, I'd think they'd find a way to work through that.

Does anyone know if TuneIn Premium or TuneIn Live will work on Sonos yet? Last I checked, Gameday Audio was available from those services, too, but, they didn't work on Sonos yet. I like the AtBat audio and other features that all work together and would prefer to stick with one subscription for all of that, but I'm just exploring my options. Until then, you'll find me walking downstairs to my office to plug my computer audio into that Play 5 so my wife can hear her Cubbies on the Sonos speakers upstairs. :)

As near as I can tell, TuneIn Premium is still working. I use AirPlay 2 to send it to my Sonos.
Thanks, Airgetlam. I wish we could do the Airplay route. We're an all Windows and Android household. Looks like I'll be using line-in jack for now.

I did come up with a rather Rube Goldberg solution a while back: casted my phone's audio to our Chromecast which was connected to our home theather receiver, connected the line-out of the receiver to the line-in of the Connect amp, and it worked... sort of. It of course meant all of the audio, including notification tones, went to Sonos. It also meant the phone had to stay close enough to get a solid audio signal to the Chromecast. And the line-out of the AV receiver was post-volume control meaning I had to make sure the speakers connected to the receiver were turned off and the volume turned up on the receiver. All-in-all, the audio chord from the computer was simpler. I'll keep doing that until something better comes along.

I feel your pain, to be sure. Glad you have a work around (curse MLB!). I'm looking forward for my opening day game this afternoon.
Just adding my frustration in case anyone is watching. I have an subscription and 1k sunk into (older) Sonos speakers. Cone on guys, get over your greed, laziness, or whatever the issue is and give us a MLB to Sonos solution.
As has been said before, this is a decision taken by MLB, and not Sonos. It's to them you should be complaining.
Alternatively, if Sonos wants to get TuneIn Premium working, I'd be happy to give some serious thought to giving TuneIn my money instead of MLB. I'd miss the games on the go in the AtBat app, but...

But as is stated elsewhere in these forums, that would take a major overhaul of Sonos' TuneIn support since the current support doesn't associate Radio by TuneIn with your TuneIn account.

Keith, who just unplugged his line-in cord for the night after closing the browser window with