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Rough Rider wrote:

jgatie wrote:

Looks like the Commissioner was wrong. ;)

The “testing” explanation makes no sense, as you point out. This is about how much money Sonos is willing to pay MLB, I suspect.

No. Sonos has no financial relationships with any of their services.
With this issue and the pathetic implementation of Alexa into the system. I guarantee we have new ownership of Sonos because a company that never had issues is now a pathetic-suficant that no longer cares about their customers.

"Cant get MLB, call MLB" is not the Sonos that I have known for 10 years.

"Alexa really doesn't work well, well try another device"

Sonos will be out of business or bought within 2 years. It's sad to see the great companies change like this. Bad management.

I also listen to WFAN Yankee broadcast with Sonos. Nothing better than doing yard work with John Sterling! After reading this thread I will try to login to XM Radio. I get all games there and they also have "Internet Channels" for local and away feeds. I will try that!
I recently purchased two Sonos play one units without being aware of the MLB at bat issue. Listening to baseball on them was one of the primary reasons for their purchases. After reading through this entire thread it seems there is a lot of animosity towards the MLB. But to be honest it seems like most of the fault here lies on Sonos. The MLB is a multi billion dollar organization I honestly feel like their streaming app is one of the best sports apps in the game. It makes little sense for them to ensure that every smart speaker is compatible. So if Sonos values the community of MLB audio listeners then it would be wise for them to invest the money to make sure the Sonos product works with MLB. In my opinion the responsibility lies with Sonos not with the MLB. As a number of the service calls MLB customer service reps consistently refer customers to a list of supported devices. This speaks to the fact that the smart speaker marketplace is currently a crowded one. The MLB has no incentive to make sure that it works with Sonos when there are other similarly priced similar quality smart speakers available to the general listening audience. From my perspective if MLB at bat does not work with Sonos then Sonos is not a product that will work for me and I will be investigating other options. If Sonos chooses to fix the issue then I will consider the play one or other options from Sonos in the future.

This is the best analogy I can think of for an issue like this. A company invents a brand new beer bottle opener. It really is the best beer bottle opener if there’s ever been invented everyone loves the beer bottle opener and scrambles together when it has new features no one even thought of before. A few years after its invention Budweiser changes the way it caps it’s beers. Unfortunately that brand new amazing beer bottle opener no longer opens Budweiser beers. Customers of the beer bottle opener get upset they send angry letters to Budweiser demanding that the Budweiser beer is the open with the awesome beer bottle opening invention. Budweiser does not care. What needs to happen in the situation? Simple the company who makes the beer bottle opener needs to change the design.


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