Meet SYMFONISK, IKEA speakers built with Sonos

  • 2 August 2019
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Nice, any idea if these will enable Airplay2 on older Sonos hardware?
Ive got several Play:1s and a Play:5, from what I understand, adding the newer Sonos One model, would give me airplay2 thru-out the rest of my Sonos set-up.
Wondering if these IKEA versions would do the same?
Does anyone know if the US version lamp will work in Europe? I mean, I see it's one plug, so presumably 110-220 V input is fine, but what bulbs work for the lamp? Can anyone post a picture of the text on the bottom (I guess) of the lamp? Can't seem to find anything, and don't want to get one in the States that won't work in Europe. Thanks!
Perhaps check with IKEA? Sonos doesn't actually make any of the lamp, just the speaker.
Perhaps check with IKEA? Sonos doesn't actually make any of the lamp, just the speaker.

I can't find as much support at IKEA as I can here, hence the question. I checked all their online documentation and there wasn't any info, so thought maybe someone here who has one can post more info.
@Geoff Prague, the SYMFONISK Lamp uses a US E12 bulb (7W max), and the power cord that comes with it is the US power cord (If purchased there). If you swap out the power cord for the EU region it should be fine. It's an auto switching amplifier and the hardware is the same.

Thank you Ryan! I guess the outstanding question I have (any maybe it's not clearly labeled on the item itself) is whether 220-volt bulbs will work with the lamp. If I bring a Sonos 3 from America and use a plug adapter it works with 220-volt systems. And a typical lamp I buy in America, if use a plug adapter and a 220-volt bulb, it works in Europe. But I'm curious since it's a single cable, is there a split inside where the electricity is routed in one direction to do its magic with the speaker bits (I guess a DC convertor?) and the other route where it stays AC and lights the lamp?
@Geoff Prague, I'm living in Europe and I'm owning a Symfonisk lamp. It requires either a E14 standard 7W bulb (= 40W) or the TRÅDFRI E14 equivalent.

Thank you! And did you buy it here in Europe or in America? The reason I'm asking is it's not available yet in Czech and I have family coming from America soon and I'd like to get one if it'll work here! 🙂