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Meet Sonos Five, studio-quality sound

Meet Sonos Five, studio-quality sound
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Available on June 10th, Sonos Five is our most powerful speaker for music and more in high-fidelity sound. Enjoy seamless control with the all-new Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, music service apps, and more.


Studio quality sound

Sonos Five delivers the same great sound as the Play:5, with updated internals including increased memory, processing power, and a new wireless radio. Six Class-D digital amplifiers are perfectly tuned for Five’s acoustic architecture to power the three tweeters and three mid-woofers. 


The custom-designed woofers deliver rich bass while the sealed architecture eliminates reverb and echo. This ensures faithful playback of vocal frequencies in addition to rich bass without distortion, even at high volumes.


One center tweeter and two precisely-angled side tweeters create a crisp high-frequency response.


This all creates a wide stereo soundstage that directs sound to the left, right, and center from one compact speaker. You can amplify the experience by adding another Sonos Five as a stereo pair in either vertical or horizontal orientations, or bring it to the next level with a Sonos Sub. 




Some more details on Sonos Five:

  • Simple to set-up. Plug Five into power and bring your phone up to Five to automatically pair and securely transfer WiFi credentials using near-field communication (NFC).

  • Analogue line-in. With 3.5 mm jack for connecting another device, bring sound to Sonos from anything with a standard audio connection. 

  • Flexible Orientation. Enjoy great sound with a standalone Sonos Five horizontally, or pair two Fives in the upright position for incredibly detailed stereo separation. A pair of Fives can also be used as surrounds for a Sonos home theater speaker.

  • Control your way. Control Sonos Five with your voice when paired with a voice enabled device, the Sonos app, your favorite music service’s app, or AirPlay 2. Capacitive touch controls for play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and group rooms just by tapping or swiping the top of the speaker. LED indicates status, and mute status.

  • Tune with Trueplay. Trueplay puts the speaker-tuning capability of the pros in the palm of your hands, adapting and optimizing the sound of the speaker to the unique acoustics of the room. iOS device required. 

  • Dimensions. The dimensions are (H x W x D) 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 inches (203 x 364 x 154 mm) and Five weighs 14 lbs (6.36 kg).

Pre-order today on Sonos.com in black with a black grille and, for the first time, white with a white grille for $499 US (€579 EUR).

We’ve announced details for the Sonos Arc and new Sonos Sub. You can also check out our blog for some great stories. 

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Ooh, there are no microphones so no native voice control despite the “Control Sonos Five with your voice” ‘feature’ mentioned above.

That’s correct, there aren’t any microphones built in, and the second generation had a couple in its first run that were never turned on, and I believe they were even removed from future versions of hardware. The Sonos Five is ready to be controlled by any Alexa or Google Assistant enabled device.

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I totally understand that concern. I can’t speak to what may happen in 5+ years, but I can say that we will keep on supporting older products as long as possible. At a minimum, we promise to keep bringing news features and updates to Sonos players for at least 5 years after we stop selling them. At some point in the future, if the Play:5 gen2 becomes a legacy product, we’ll still keep trying to bring it updates and maintain compatibility the best we can.

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I guess we have to take your word for it Ryan but that seems a strange reason to be honest.

The oldest Play 5 Gen 1 speakers are more than capable of Stereo pairing, as are the Gen 2's. Struggling to see how the S2 capable Play 5 Gen 2 will struggle with this “complicated computing work” to maintain a stereo connection with a higher powered ‘partner'.

In the past the reason was always different sound signatures. Now these appear to be identical that excuse can't be used and we're told the device that is still on sale can't do this complicated work - but older devices can and that even the Gen 2 can with another Gen 2 in am S2 scenario.

In the past, with something like the Play:1 and the Sonos One, the answer was “Both computing differences and it’d sound funny.” And the Play:5 gen1 could only pair with the Play:5 gen1, the Play:5 gen2 could only pair with the Play:5 gen2. The only time we’ve been able to have mixed generations was with the Sonos One gen1 and Sonos One gen2 which were released just about a year apart and the hardware was close enough for that to work. 


Thanks for that honest review.  Check the posting history of the person who stated Homepod was better than a Five.  They have never once, in five years, said one thing positive about Sonos.  Not once.  So you can take their opinion with a grain of salt the size of Wyoming.

This 'only 5 years' thing has been possibly the biggest misrepresentation that has featured on this forum in recent months. A close second is that discontinuing sales makes a speaker 'useless', 'obsolete' or 'dead'.

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I am not unhappy at all that  I bought a pair of Play 5 gen 2’s and the sub,three months ago.I figured the product would eventually be updated and compared to my high end audio experiences,this system is down right cheap…..but...extremely good!

It’s the soon to be released high resolution App that I am awaiting,with baited breath!

The fact that the Gen 2 Play Five’s overall design and driver quality is able to support such a jump in sound quality(with the S2 App) is all i care about…...It should be a tremendous improvement on well recorded material and with the addition of the sub…..WOW!

IMO,a pair of Play 5’s(gen 2 or the newest) along with the sub,will definitely put this set up in the high end class,once that new App comes out,for a smidgen of what a luxury audio system costs.

You current owners should be thrilled.-:)

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Literally just purchased and setup my first play 5 gen 2 when I heard there was a gen 3 out very annoying. Don’t know whether to return it but then again doesn’t seem to be that big a jump. Hopefully the gen 2 has plenty of life in it and sounds great. Thoughts ? 

Return it, 100%

Will Play Five pair with Sub gen. 1?

There is no Play Five. There is the Sonos Five. (It's déjà vu all over again.)

The answer is yes.

I suppose the Sonos Five will have Hi-Res support and Play:5 1 and 2 gen not. I Hopa i’m wrong, having 2 2nd gen stereo paired as my first hi-fi set. Any suggestion about it?



Sonos hasn’t made official statements about Hi-Res support, but I think it’s safe to assume that anything that’s S2 system compatible, which includes the Play:5 gen 2, will have Hi-Res.  The Play:5 gen 1 is not S2, and therefore will not.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a review that picked a HomePod over a Five.  There were several that placed it above a One, but that was when it first came out, and before Apple neutered it with a midrange focused EQ update.  I’ve owned both (HomePod and several Ones) and IMO, the new EQ changed the HomePod from being slightly better than the One to being slightly worse.  And given its other deficiencies (no ethernet, no individual tone control, worse networking, no good way to integrate it with TVs for surround sound, higher price, etc.) I just don’t see how it competes well at all with Sonos in its current state, at least for most people’s needs.  Anyway, long winded way to say that if it doesn’t compare well with the Sonos One, why should compare well to a Five?  

Besides, as others have said, the Five isn’t really meant to compete with smart speakers.  They’re designed for people who would otherwise be looking at something like KEFs, for dedicated listening.  

The HomePod has its place for some buyers and I appreciate that.  If you have Apple Music and are otherwise already committed to apple’s ecosystem, are ok with Siri, and can get it on one of the $199 sales, then it’s a good buy for a go anywhere speaker for general ambient listening.  I personally prefer the One even in that scenario, but I wouldn’t fault someone who preferred the HomePod for whatever reason.  

By the way, I also own a Move and can say with zero hesitation that it outperforms a HomePod, and by a good bit.  I’d say that if someone wants a higher end single speaker, smart or not, and doesn’t mind spending a bit more, then the Move is a great choice, even at its premium price.  


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I hadn't seen that Verge link when I posted so am surprised that it is an identical listening experience to the Play 5 Gen 2 but can't be stereo paired with it.

Does anyone know what’s up with this :point_up: - why can’t they pair if they are the same sound? 

Great discussion folks! In this regard, while their physical dimensions and acoustic profile are similar, Five and Play:5 Gen 2 have very different internal processors and computing platforms. The gap in processing capabilities means that we will not be able to offer a stable stereo experience. Stereo pairing takes a lot of complicated computing work and it just didn’t work properly because of the differences here.


Just trying to understand here and I appreciate your response. If I understand correctly,  you are saying the different processors mean that they can’t pair, fair enough. Since it’s a technical reason I guess Sonosequencer won’t be able to pair them either (I was actually hoping you would say the reason is because of sound so sonosequencer would be able to pair them if I go down that road). 

It’s possible that the app may be able to pair them, we just can’t guaranty the performance of that pair if it does work. I believe that app can pair Sonos devices that have no business being paired, like a Play:1 and a Play:5, which have different processors. When we build pairing for devices into the Sonos app, we need to be sure of the quality and longevity.

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heeey community , how can I connect two sonos  five in the computer ??

can I use two sonos five in one computer …? the computer only have one out , its the earphone out 

im new on this brand 

I m looking some videos but they're not have tutorials 

thanks !!

Hi @rodrigoca,

Connect the computer via the earphone out/line in to one of the Fives (let’s call it speaker 1). In the app under Settings for speaker 1 configure the Line-In settings. You’ll likely want the Audio Delay setting set to Low/75ms and Autoplay to speaker 1.  Then (in the app) set the 2 Fives up as a stereo pair (again in the settings > speaker 1) with speaker 2, or simply group with speaker 2 if for some reason you just want a mono pair.

Hope that helps.

Your best bet would be to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I suggest the phone folks, they have more options available because they're on the phone with you, they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7. 


Phew, this is good to know. I haven’t really been following the developments too closely and thought the Play5 was done.

I don’t see it on the US website or “Last Chance” area for sale. I thought they had stopped manufacturing and selling the Play5 and the five year software countdown had started since I only see the new 5.



There is no “countdown”.  That is the minimum that is guaranteed.  There are devices just becoming legacy now that were last manufactured over a decade ago.  Fact is: All the legacy products had 32MB RAM/storage.  The Play:5 Gen 2 has 8 times that.  I’m not saying that means it will last 8 times longer, it won’t. But it is certainly more future proof than the legacy units were. 


Oh, I thought there was a 5 year minimum guarantee, thus the countdown on the guaranteed support period. I know it can be longer, what’s the minimum it will be supported as I guess I’m wrong?

Funny you mention the 8 times more memory, the new sub has 8 times more memory than the Play5. 


A “countdown” denotes there is a definitive end when the timer reaches zero.  It also connotes a bomb going boom, or a rocket going off in ball of flames and rising to leave the Earth.  It’s a loaded phrase, purposefully used to bring up that type of image, wouldn’t you say? 

After all, nobody ever went “10, 9, 8, . . . 3, 2,1.  And now we are going to sit here like this for a few more years of functionality.”


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So you’d be happier if they didn’t allow you the discount on newer products? Rather silly, no?

No, i would have been happier if they had been up front and told people that 1.gen was being obsoleted, and everyone could get a discount on the 2.gen now, but that there was a 3.gen right around the corner, that the costumer could opt to wait for, before making the swap..

This was obviously a ploy to try and empty the stock of 2.gen’s before announcing the 3.gen


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The fact that I can’t stereo pair the Five with my Play:5 is totally bogus. I was literally about to add my stereo pair tonight, now I’m screwed. Thanks a lot sonos

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I don’t think anyone was “lured” into doing anything. Anyone doing their purchasing research would have discovered that the Play:5 Gen 2 was one of the products due for an upgrade and could have factored that into their choice. Moreover, absolutely nothing has changed yet by having a Play:5 Gen 1 as part of your system and won’t until June, so why would anyone rush out and buy a new product immediately.

Well, sonos pushed hard, as early as november 2019, as far as i remember, so THEY really wanted you ro “rush“ out and take the discount on the 2.gen

Now we know why. (They knew 3.gen was round the corner, and probably had a huge stock of 2.gen that they needed clearing)

Also, about a month ago, i began seeing the playbar, discounted 20% from the usual price here, that was also a telltale that they were trying to clear stock for that particular speaker, normally sonos cost the same everywhere, and suddenly every seller had it at the same, heavily discounted price.

That’s how product releases happen with most companies. The customer gets to make a choice - buy the current one at a big discount, or get the new one without discount. Both have the same warranty, so no big deal there. I can tell you, nothing like that happens with Apple - one day you are buying a device at full price, and the next day it’s replaced.

Now, with 16 legacy devices in my system, I am certainly in the target market for an upgrade and I didn’t feel like anyone was pushing/rushing/luring me to buy anything. In fact, it was quite obvious that I had until June (originally May) to think about my situation, and even then nothing would change so I could continue to think about it for a while longer. 

My apologies. You asked about pairing with the SUB, not the PLAY:5. 

I would assume it does, it would be unusual for any single speaker, that isn’t a Bluetooth speaker,  released by Sonos not to allow bonding to a SUB.

And the Bluetooth speaker is only because it doesn’t connect to a SonosNet signal, which is what Sonos uses for bonding devices. 

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I think that promoting it as a bathroom speaker without having voice control is a bit of a mistake. My bathroom ones placed so that I can't reach the touch controls, and when in the bathroom you're in the shower, or have a toothbrush in your hands etc., so voice control is really helpful. Would have liked to switch them out for something a little bass heavier with stereo in one speaker, but alas, no luck with these new fives.

The Five isn’t really designed for bathroom use, but if you’d like something with a bigger sound than a Sonos One, the Move would be a great choice for bathrooms. It’s more water resistant and as a bonus, you can listen on the go if you want.

A SUB is not stereo paired, it is bonded where it plays different frequencies than the Five or PLAY:5. Rather a different sort of thing. 

I suppose the Sonos Five will have Hi-Res support and Play:5 1 and 2 gen not. I Hopa i’m wrong, having 2 2nd gen stereo paired as my first hi-fi set. Any suggestion about it?


Hy to everybody.

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@Ryan S

Hi, I have some questions I hope you can answer:

Is the dimensions exactly the same on the 5 gen2 and Five?



Yes.  You can verify that by viewing the dimensions of the Play:5 gen 2 refurbished page.

I have an additional dimension question, what are the height and width pf the Five at the rear of the speaker?  Can someone with the a Play:5 gen 2 do a quick measurement and let me know.   Considering getting a 5 to place in a somewhat tight space.


Will the Flexson gen2 stands fit the Fives?



According the product page, yes.

Will a sub gen2 pair with the Fives in a stereo config?

99% sure the answer is yes to this.  I believe it was said earlier



The 5gen2 is approx 340mm x 180mm on the back.


The software, which is why this occurs, hasn’t changed. 

Hi to everybody. Sometimes speed bump it’s due to new electronic components and cpu on the market that substitute the old ones. IMHO the five it’s one of the finest loudspeaker you can find on the market and i do not miss the lack of the microphone on it. I use two play:5 stereo paired to listen music, not to talk with them. I suppose the new Five will serve great for years, like my 2nd generation did (actually they are doing well even today...)