Keep your Hype Machine playing with SoundCloud Go

  • 31 May 2016
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We just sent this email out to everyone using Hype Machine on Sonos about some recent changes to their service:

We recently received notice that SoundCloud–the music engine that powers Hype Machine–is making some changes that will impact the way Hype Machine works on your Sonos. Starting June 13th, 2016, you’ll need a SoundCloud Go membership to keep Hype Machine playing.

We realize this isn’t ideal, anything that requires you to change the way you enjoy your music on Sonos makes us seriously sad. But if you want to keep listening to Hype Machine on Sonos, here’s what you’ll need to do.

1) Sign up here for SoundCloud Go.

2) Login to and provide your SoundCloud Go info to link your SoundCloud account.

3) Now, use Hype Machine on Sonos the same way you always have.

Just a reminder–we’ve got music services galore–both free and paid–that you can try out right here. Pick one. Or several. Give them a spin. There’s something for just about every music lover under the sun.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care.

For more details, please take a look at the Hype Machine blog here.

I know this is upsetting if you've been using the service, Hype Machine is great and was a good free option. However, SoundCloud Go has some really great offerings which you may like as well, only their free service is available on Sonos right now, but if you have one of their Go accounts, you can use their service online outside Sonos too.

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2 replies

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HypeM and their relationship with SoundCloud has been problematic in Sonos for ages. I have Sonos playlists from music I discovered on HypeM where over half the songs are no longer accessible as music is constantly being removed from SoundCloud. $120/year might fix this in the future, but I won't know because I've had enough with all 3 parties. While other technology solutions in my house are stable or are occasionally improved with updates, Sonos somehow finds a way to offer less and less as time goes on.
Sonos has no control over what third party services add or remove to their offerings. That's entirely up to the service in question. That's a bit like blaming Panasonic because the BBC have withdrawn the BBC Three channel from your TV.