Introducing Trueplay and the New PLAY:5

  • 29 September 2015
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242 replies

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Can you pair a new PLAY 5 with an old PLAY 5 to make a stereo pair (or add to the Playbar)

A stereo pair with the old PLAY:5 and the new PLAY:5 would be extremely unbalanced based on the sound profiles for the units so it will not be possible to set up. The original PLAY:5 didn't have the hardware required to bond as rear speakers with the PLAYBAR, the new one can, but it wouldn't be able to take an old one with it.
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Quote from a tech radar review, on the name subject:
"Interestingly, on the unit I played with the words 'Encore' were stamped across the back, leading me to believe that Sonos may have been thinking of releasing this as an entirely new product range. Given the changes, it would have had every right to."

Indeed they must have had a late change of heart or perhaps 'encore' is the internal name for it to not confuse with the current (old) Play 5.

Random Sonos trivia answer for you: Encore was just the internal name, as suggested. We use project names for everything before they're released. For example, the SUB was called Anvil.
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@random_man, the old play 5 doesn't have a 5Ghz antenna, so it can't be used as a surround.

Whoa. Wait. Does the new Play:5 have a 5 Ghz antenna?

Yes it does. 6 antennas in total for best wifi performance in all three of its orientations.
several articles I read said that the Sonos Connect:Amp was not really comparable to the BlueSound Powernode in sound quality that I just went with Bluesound.

Now you don't have to get upset about this like you seem to be. Sonos might not be up there witih Bluesound but it's also about 1/2 - 2/3 the price!

Re the sub, I'm not paying Sonos for a sub that's nearly twice the cost of a Play 5, to get a system with no separation of sound that's more expensive than some floor standing speakers and a BlueSound PowerNode that is so much better.

I am not in the least bit upset - I am pointing out pertinent data that may be useful to someone else reading this in future, even if it is of no use to you.

There is also enough material on the Connect Amp being as good any other 55wpc amp, if you look for it. It is at least as good, probably better than what the Bluesound spec states for itself, minus the dubious hi res benefit, for a lower price. There is nothing about pricing that leads to a uniform conclusion that more expensive is always better.

Anyone who researches the Sub would soon discover that the most value for money audio solution is using it with a play 1 pair. I have found that this set up offers sound levels and quality that is on par with many more expensive competitor 2 channel offerings and I haven't found any that are as good with the same feature set at the same price. Trueplay will probably take this a step higher, with no additional costs.
I've had the opportunity to experience the new Play:5 speakers and Trueplay.
My observations are:

You could edit that list to include the lack of the 2nd Ethernet port. The lack will be felt in situations where WiFi quality requires a wired connection, and you want to position it at a room location where there is already a device using the Ethernet wall connection.
To my taste, the bass was sometime reduced a little too much, but this is easily adjustable to taste after the tuning has been done.

Very useful summary, thank you.

The "where has the bass gone" reaction is common after room response DSP is implemented and is said to be a result of people being used to a more bloated than real bass for the most part. Common recommendation is to give some time to get accustomed to the new sound after which most people notice that it was bloated earlier. Or, as you have said, boost it to taste post tuning.
Trueplay tuning is being offered only on Apple because it needs some standardisation in the mic that is possible with Apple hardware. Sonos have suggested borrowing an Apple device until such time they solve that hurdle, not as a forever thing. Maybe they should have waited till they did this, and denied everyone - people that have Apple devices and people that can borrow them, till they had done so?
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I see your point about a dedicated controller offering the stability for Sonos...but I don't think that is the future for any device manufacturer. And, I would venture to say that the vast majority of people want fewer controllers lying around, not more.
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Looking forward to this, thank goodness my friends and I with Sonos have Apple kit! Sonos setup already sound great, but better is always good! And for free! New 5's on order too!
Ah, we can finally Discuss Trueplay! It truly sets Sonos speakers apart from the pack. Setup process is just amazingly cool, don't know how you did it without having a microphone calibration process first...
Very interesting, to see what Trueplay does to the sound from a play 1.

And the new 5 units also look like allowing a pair that can look and sound like a hifi speaker pair, without adding a Sub to it. If so, a good breakthrough indeed.
When or(?) will the Trueplay be available for all the users with Android devices? This must just be a small programming issue..

They can bring it to Apple devices as there is a small range of microphones in the iPod/iPhone/iPad range, however there are many, many devices that run Android so it may not be practical to use the internal microphone, an external "Sonos" mic could be used?
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The FAQ, located at, says the following about Android support:

Although we extensively tested with Android phones and tablets, we could not ensure a consistent and reliable Trueplay experience. We will continue to explore the use of Android devices for Trueplay tuning, but can’t confirm that it will be supported at this time.
so you put another £100 on the price and as we are a apple free household no trueplay for me. maybe you should have kept the old play 5 as an option for people like me. i would have bought another play 5 before christmas but wont be spending this amount of money on a speaker. and yes i do know the benefits of sonos as i have a play 1 and 5
Why the announcement today when there are no products available?

Also I'm disappointed that there's no Android support for trueplay, surely there needs to be some calibration of the microphone on even the iphones etc as they're not all going to be the same. I'm assuming you've tried a quiet calibration tone from a Sonos product to calibrate a phone microphone, I hope something like that can be made to work.
So the Sonos development team have got time and resources to create this Trueplay thing which I don't need nor want because I have no problems with the balance between my two Play5s, but basic stuff like importing and exporting playlists, searching playlist to weed out doubles etc is still nowhere to be seen?
I hope the new Play5 did get a headphone jack, however my Sonos experience over the last couple of years tells me they went for the missed opportunity yet again. Really hope I've got it wrong.
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I wouldn't knock Trueplay until you try it (my initial thought when I saw it was "gimmicky" until I tried it). Of course in a lot of ways it is making up for the lack of true equalizer available on each speaker. With trueplay, bass, treble, loudness controls still ... I don't find the equalizer need.

Marketing..Sales..we all know those guys always get first crack at the programmers.

It would be nice to see some wishlist items checked off though. Of course the HLS is a big check off for millions of UK residence. It can see that being a far bigger priority over weeding out playlist duplicate tracks.
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In regards to the Play:1 pair vs. new Play:5.

I currently hold the existing Play:5 above a pair of Play:1s due to the real lack of bass with Play:1 (although placing Play:1's in corner or close to wall helps a bit).

I have a feeling this new Play:5 is going to be outstanding. There have been a good number of reviews praising the HEOS 7 over the current Play:5. Of course not a fair fight as the HEOS 7 is much more expensive and had more speakers. I think this was designed to be a HEOS 7 killer ... so I'm excited to hear it (and for still $100 less then the HEOS). *note yes I realize the HEOS has some additional inputs but I have no interest in those I just want some serious audio quality*
A bit of info here...

"Behind that grill you’ll find three tweets and three woofers plus two mics (which aren’t being used yet but future proof the current hardware)."

Hmmmm, interesting. Amazon Echo, watch out. 🙂
I think a Single Play:5 would have a hard time beating out a pair of Play:1's with Sub.
I can't see even the new 5 coming close to doing that. But a new 5 pair - for about the same price as a 1 pair + Sub - may well be able to do so.
All this carrying on about a missing headphone jack? Why should a speaker need a headphone jack? Every phone, tablet and mp3 player in existence has one, why not simply use that?
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I'm going to go back upstairs to my room with Sub and I'll do A/B test specifically listening to sub and tell you if I notice any difference. I paired with my Play:1 when asked earlier but I didn't focus on the sound of Sub just the Play:1. Will report back. I don't believe you have long to wait. I have been saying I thought they would have the new firmware out by CEDIA (which is 2 weeks away so I would think that is your max wait still if that they have announced hardware ahead of time). Although big problem with Trueplay is if newest released to beta ---- well there is still no public Apple beta so that is no trueplay tuning.
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ok this is not scientific at all just a few minutes of A/B testing.

So the sub has an obvious crossover point set (I assume that doesn't change with tuning). So it sounded to me like the trueplay tuning adjusted the frequency curve of the song and to my ears the subs higher range frequencies were boosted a bit with no change to the lowest frequencies. The result was a little more mid-range sound coming out of the sub without any reduction in lows. Therefore the sub was every so slightly louder after trueplay. The Play:1 has noticeably more high-range with mid-probably being similar to untuned.
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Should've called the Play:1 the Play:2 and this one the Play:6 for the number of speakers. This looks like a good replacement for the Play 5 but I just hope it really is future proofed. It kind of sucked buying Gen 1 Play 5s thinking about how old and behind they were in comparison to their newer family members. The sound was always good but hopefully this new one sounds as good as people are saying... I always feel that Sonos doesn't sound as good as it's price tag with insist.... But I bought in for the features to be honest.
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I know what you mean, jamietre. I bought a sandwich the other day and they forgot to include a pickle on the side. Ruined my day. It would have preferred that they had just given me the pickle and had forgotten the sandwich. Then one day my sandwich came with the pickle. But this time, the toothpick holding my sandwich together didn't include a miniature flag on the top of it. Enough is enough. I'm never going back to that sandwich shop.