Introducing the New Sonos One

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Don't we all :D
On another note I see the Sonos One is already getting a discount for Black Friday!
Hi Ryan/community -
So for surround/theater, I cannot have more than a right and left speaker? I cannot have a Play 1 and a Play One as my active left and right? (please don't mention aesthetics, that is a moot point compared to functionality and sound enjoyment)

I don't want 2 Alexa's (Play One's) in one room, period. I don't want to ONLY have a right and left speaker for my surround. If I want to overspend or fill one room with surround, I should have the ability with this costly speaker system to customize my surround as I see fit, not what Sonos limits me to. My ideal room would be TV/soundbar/sub, Play 1 (left), Play One (right), Play 3 (middle back). This should not even be an issue and the functionality should be a no-brainer.

PLEASE pass along to the Sonos team - the NEED for Sonos customers to create a custom theater systems (this could also be a highlighted marketing message for you). Back in the "wired" days we could add as many speakers as we wanted, wherever we wanted. Everyone has a need that should be fulfilled at this price point. Again, I love Sonos and I talk highly about the sound, but am very honest with everyone I talk to about the major drawbacks (and customer service). Remember we don't all have the same size rooms/houses/outdoor space, home theater or usability needs. Thx.
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I'll pass along the desire, akawwx. Thanks for the support and for taking the time to reach out.

I don't have any news to let you in on regarding that functionality becoming available one day, but I'll make sure the team hears the request.
Am I right in thinking if I bought a Sonos One and an Echo I could group the Sonos One and my two existing Play:1 devices then control the entire group by voice both where the Echo is located and where the Sonos One is located?
How about echo dot?
How about echo dot?

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Probably obvious but not read anything that confirms it but will all future Sonos products have this functionality as standard?

Although having gone CA, sub and B&W ceiling speakers in almost all rooms, I have a room that could use a couple of Play 3's or Play 5's but would hate to invest and miss that function being included .... even if it's not perfect.

Anyone aware of any Sonos roadmap or 2018 releases and is it likely this is included? I know Sonos (understandably) don't publish their product roadmaps but I know some of you are better informed than us middle feeders 😃 .... any info appreciated.
Sonos hasn't ever, in the past, revealed a roadmap of hardware. The devices most recently announced were followed within weeks with release, so I have to assume the announcements are part of their marketing strategy.

They have made a few key announcements about software upcoming, like the Apple Music integration, Voice Commands, and other voice integrations, but usually with very vague release dates. They miffed on the Audible integration, but we're all hoping that comes soon, since they've been working with Amazon on the Voice Command stuff.
"Sonos One is voice-ready in the US, UK, and Germany. It’s everything you’d expect from a Sonos speaker to start with, and future-ready for when Sonos and a voice service launch together in your region if you’re located somewhere else."

When Amazon has already launched Alexa in India, then why is your voice-ready not supporting it??? I bought 2 of them and now its just a speaker without the Alexa feature as your app says doesn't allow to add any !!!! :@:@
Nice one!
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Traveling on the same boat. Amazon Alexa is available since November 1st in India but Sonos won’t allow to add. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every region, it is just need a willingness to click on checkbox to enable . Unfortunately that will is lacking , not sure anyone even willing to listen.
"Sonos One is voice-ready in the US, UK, and Germany. It’s everything you’d expect from a Sonos speaker to start with, and future-ready for when Sonos and a voice service launch together in your region if you’re located somewhere else."

I quite agree. Usually I defend Sonos as a very satisfied user since 2011, but in this case Sonos has egg all over its corporate face with no sign of a useful response; and I say that with reason because even a Sonos CEO acknowledged escalation of over three weeks ago has produced nothing. Not even the usual promise of a vague date.

If I think like a lawyer and read the above sentence from Sonos, I would say that in India we will never get it. Because Amazon Alexa and Sonos will now never be able to launch together, Amazon having jumped the gun.

The other irritating thing is the Sonos statement that the Sonos is not officially released in India - that sounds like a statement we hear often from bureaucratic government departments in India. What does "officially released" mean? I bought my Sonos kit from Amazon US, shipped to me via Amazon Global, freight and Indian customs duty paid by Amazon, delivered direct to my home from US warehouses by their transportation service from 2011 to 2014 in a remarkably efficient 10 days from order click. What is not "official" about that? Is Amazon not an "official" distribution channel of Sonos? Now it is also sold on the Amazon India site.

Saying, as the CEO did to me, that Sonos has global aspirations, is easy. Turning them into reality seems to be in the distance.
When and If will Sonos one make available the Drop in function like you can do with the Amazon Echo?
That may be something that you need to ask Amazon, as they're the ones who are withholding it from Sonos.
Do my existing speakers Sonos speakers work as an Alexa microphone source? I'm confused.
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Do my existing speakers Sonos speakers work as an Alexa microphone source? I'm confused.

No. Only the Sonos One and Beam have this capability
Perhaps my Sonos One is defective but I really can't agree with the statement that you should be able to give commands in a normal voice, even when the volume is up to 11. At volume 4, I have to stand three feet from it and cup my hands over my mouth and shout at it before I get a response. This is while listening to a book. Maybe the fact that it is a book is the problem. Maybe the algorithm is set up only for music. BTW: I don't have this trouble with any of my many other Echo devices.
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Hi Sonos reps,

The past month I have seen two posts on Reddit/Sonos from a user claiming a gen 2 of the Sonos One is on its way/has arrived stating various details such as 4 instead of 6 microphones. Moreover, it stated that ‘gen 1’ will have two of its mics disabled (I guess so that updates can come simultaneously). All if this would be a ‘soft launch’ and the info supposedly came from Sonos reps in Australia, but the posts got deleted a few hours later.

Can you confurm this relaunch? Any chance of this Sonos One gen 2 being the S18 of the latest FCC filings?
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Hi flyingpadrejr, I don't have any news or details to share around any of our plans for the future that haven't officially been announced already. Stay tuned, as soon as there's word on a new product or otherwise that we can share, we like to post here to let everyone know.