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Introducing Sonos Move, Brilliant Sound Anywhere

Introducing Sonos Move, Brilliant Sound Anywhere
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Introducing Sonos Move, the durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Powerful and versatile with smart, adaptable sound, Sonos Move is available starting September 24th.

Sonos Move delivers surprisingly deep bass, an ultra-wide soundscape, and Automatic Trueplay tuning that perfectly balances the sound for where you are and what you're listening to.

Move features two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture. It also has one downward-firing tweeter into a custom-designed waveguide that disperses sound evenly, along with one mid-woofer integrated into the cabinet for deep, rich bass.

Connect Move to the rest of your Sonos system at home on WiFi to stream music in one room or in sync with other speakers throughout your home. Play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands free with Alexa and the Google Assistant built right in. Switch to Bluetooth when you’re away from home or on the go and play music directly from your mobile device.

Details on Sonos Move:
  • Move slides seamlessly into the included charging base and features an ergonomic handle, making it easy to pick up and carry.
  • Move has a tough durable shell and an IP56 rating, meaning it can stand up to falls, bumps, humidity, rain, dust, UV rays, and extreme heat and cold.
  • Responsive touch controls on the top of the speaker makes it easy to play, pause, skip, adjust the volume, and group rooms when on WiFi. There's also a mic button that can easily turn the microphones on or off.
  • Move also has a join button, power button, and WiFi/Bluetooth mode button on the back, just under the handle.
Power and battery:
Move’s battery will last for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playback. If left off the charging base and unused, Move will automatically go into suspend mode to reserve battery for up to 5 days. The battery is rechargeable with an included indoor charging base or with any USB-C charger with the following output levels: 12V/3A, 15V/3A, or 20V/2.25A. After about three years, or 900 charges, Move’s battery can easily be replaced so you can keep listening for years to come.

Pre-order today on Sonos.com in shadow black for $399 US (€399 EUR), available worldwide starting September 24.

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I always thought one reason not to have had a portable speaker was the effect of moving it about could have on the matrix etc.

It obviously took a long time to develop the Move and I had assumed this hurdle had been overcome (quicker 'live' re-config etc) and I'm sure this was tried but not stable enough.

Easily said, but not so easily done.

The problem here is that the Sonos mesh isn't entirely isolated. It has to operate in conjunction with a wide variety of third-party networking kit including consumer-grade routers and switches. It, therefore, has to conform to the standards that this equipment uses. Specifically, it has to conform to standard loop-avoidance protocols, specifically, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and its variants.

This is impossible to avoid unless Sonos were to manufacture their own range of proprietary consumer routers and switches that didn't work with third-party network equipment, and then require that customers only use their kit. That's clearly a nonsensical idea.

So we (and Sonos) are stuck with having to support STP. This has practical consequences.

STP works by the switches, routers and (in this case) Sonos devices communicating between themselves to detect loops and to shut down duplicate paths through the that would result in a loop. If a loop does occur in a network it will cause a "broadcast storm" which will render the network unusable.

In particular, when a device joins or leaves the Sonosnet mesh, this will usually cause some or all of the network topology to be re-assessed and re-computed. This can take several minutes on a network with several switches and/or Sonos devices.

And, as I said, it's pretty much impossible to avoid this without building a proprietary loop detection and avoidance protocol which is incompatible with third-party equipment.

So if Move did work with the Sonosnet Mesh, or at least if it worked as a node within the mesh, then every time you moved it any significant distance it would likely stop your whole network from working for a significant amount of time whilst the STP topology was rebuilt.


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is Move available in white?

can it be stereo paired with another Move in Bluetooth mode?

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Hi melvimbe, there will be more news on accessories in the future, none to share today.

When in Bluetooth mode, Move doesn't have the microphones active. The speaker won't be playing your phone call either, as it's not set up as a Bluetooth headset. That may be a feature to suggest to the team for the future though, they'd be interested in if there's enough demand for something like that. Move can get loud, with a wide sound stage, which may make taking calls on it pretty awkward.

What is Sonos recommendation on permanent placing the Move in an outdoor location?

While it's both durable and weather resistant, we wouldn't recommend permanently placing them outside. It's portable - designed to take where ever you go, but ultimately brought back home, so tying it down in the elements isn't quite recommended.
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So the Move doesn't use the Sonos mesh? I was going to buy one for the garden but WiFi is poorThat's correct. But Bluetooth would work great wherever you can't extend your WiFi to.

Not really. If we have a party the Play5 will be on in the kitchen and a Sonos One in the garden/patio, grouped. I was hoping the Move would replace the One but if it's WiFi only then it's a no go. You need to make that clear in your marketing as I'm sure many will be thinking the same as me.
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Just dropping in to say I got my Move last month and finally got around to setting it up. Went like clockwork, first time connect out of the box. Not experienced any drop-outs, or sleepy moments when it won’t wake up to a stream. Best of all, I picked it and went for a walk around the garden, the stream stayed connected continuously, and our back garden is 21 metres deep. I was able to walk right around the house, both front and back gardens and it never missed a beat.

So pleased that Sonos finally got a weatherproof unit for taking outside to enjoy the tunes! My Play5 never looked happy being taken outside in a protective bubble-wrap jacket! Roll on summer is what I say, we can’t wait to be rocking on the patio again!!

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Well I finally received my Move on 9/24. I finished setting them up and ran a few initial tests. I'll probably add to this critique as I use them more but for now here's what I experienced.

Packaging/Unboxing: Sonos did a great job here. Excellent presentation not only with the box materials but the wrapping/packaging of the charging ring which comes in its own box nestled in with the speaker. The speaker is enclosed in a nice black sock with draw string secured by a spring pressure button. Think of a hoodie’s draw string button used to secure it around your head. I don’t envision using the sock as a carry for the speaker. I’d only use it to protect the finish if I were packing it in a car trunk for transport.

Setup: Very easy and straight forward. The app will even instruct you to place the speaker on the charge ring if it determines that the battery is not charged enough. I have two Move’s and the first must have had a sufficient charge as I was not asked to place it on the ring. You are given the choice to enable TruePlay or not. Although I don’t see why one would not engage it.

One thing I didn’t like (and this would not be an issue if you’re only setting up one speaker) is that the app will discover both speakers and display the ID number. I was forced to determine the exact speaker to know which one to push the setup button on when prompted. For some reason Sonos printed the ID numbers in a very tiny font that is almost the same color as the speaker. As the ID number appears on the back of the speaker if would have been nice if had it been printed in white as a contrast for easier reading. Sonos, you dropped the ball on that one.

Audio: This is all IMO. The Move sounds great. I’d place it a step above the old Play 3 and a step and a half above a Sonos One/SL. The Play 5 is still the flagship (as well it should be). Tonality wise the Move is a bit crisp but has a enough low-end so as not to sound harsh. It can definitely fill a space 20 x 12 with 8 ft ceiling adequately (4 walls). Vocals are clean with a good mid-range for music given the size of the speaker. No no coloring was displayed (IMO).

As a stereo pair they are awesome. I did an A/B test of the Move’s against my Play 5’s. There is a difference. However I think the non-discriminating listener will find little fault. Even without a sub when in stereo pair the low-end is noticeable.

Another nice touch is that if the stereo pair is broken and they are later brought together again they return to the original L/R paring without going through the entire setup. I recommend that you some how mark the right and left speaker if you move both at the same time (especially if moved to different locations).

Bluetooth: The Move does take a slight hit in sound quality versus being on Wi-Fi. Even so they beat all other BT speakers I’ve experienced hands-down. Interestingly, I paired both on my iPhone simultaneously. I was able to switch between them without a problem. Although as we all know they will not play together.

Charging: When there are two speakers in stereo pair the indicator in the Sonos app will favor the speaker with the lowest charge to display. That’s a good idea as in that manner when the speaker with the lowest charge shows 100% you know the other is good-to-go.

I also found them easy to place in the charging ring as they can only fit in one manner.

Controls: They are nicely laid out. In fact I was able to move between BT and Wi-Fi without looking behind the speaker. If you have a good sense of touch you’ll easily know the power button from the setup button after the initial setup.

Overall First Impression: I'm very pleased/impressed with the Move and would recommend it in a heart beat.

Finally! A rechargeable portable outdoor Sonos is available end of September.
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A bit behind the times these days but what a joy to see something made by sonos that we have asked for.

@Ryan S and the whole SONOS team. A big thank you from me and the sonos community.
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This WAS what I was waiting for Ryan, but no longer, will never spend another penny on Sonos products. Why did you delete MrSwadges question? It’s completely valid.  Deleting what you don’t want to see isn’t going to work in this instance. Long time supporters of your products have a right to question you guys. You can’t ever sell new products again without questions like being asked! Get used to it. 

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This decision was made based on several factors. Largely, SonosNet was designed for players in a fixed configuration, always on, and continuously connected to a home network. It wasn't designed to handle players moving around the house. Introducing our first portable speaker meant adding new features and hardware for a flexible listening experience, including Bluetooth mode and suspend mode. In order to ensure a smooth experience for customers with these additional features, Move directly connects to the access point or WiFi network.

Among many concerns, there are basic networking issues, such as if it were part of SonosNet, other players connecting to it may suddenly lose their streams if it dropped offline due to going into suspend mode.

If you're looking to use a Move out where you don't have wifi, and don't want to use Bluetooth, you could also use a wireless extender, wired into the nearest Sonos player if you wanted, and have that extend your wireless range.
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I was ecstatic when I received the email announcing the 3 new Sonos products this morning. I've been hoping for this portable speaker ever since I purchased my first Sonos speaker. Love the wifi + bluetooth. Very clever. Pre-ordered!
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Hi @blkmg, our commitment is to support all of our products with software updates for a minimum of five years after we stop selling them, and we have a track record of supporting for longer. The Move is brand new, there’s no date that we have right now of when we’ll stop selling it. When that happens, you’ll have at least another five years after then.

Well, some products are still being sold, so that promise seems somewhat empty. 


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Before I buy another of your products, please tell me the exact date you’ll stop supporting it (perhaps on the data plate?)?

That way I can calculate the true cost of it over its lifespan, rather than foolishly thinking I’d bought a hifi system.

So as I stated above, my Move arrived a day early. I really love it, and for reasons I wasn't expecting. It's not

Packaging is nice, same as you always get with Sonos. A rather nice bonus is the Move came wrapped in it's own drawstring back that you can just use. I absolutely love little things like this, and I probably would have ended up buying one if not included. Very nice touch.

The size is actually pretty nice. A little heavy, but not overburdening at all. I like the handle way better than I thought I would and you can tell there was a lot of thought into getting it right.

Setup was rather easy as expected. Same as any other Sonos speaker, except you're going to want to setup bluetooth as well.

When I start playing it at first, it sounded plenty powerful, but not great overall. But that's because auto trueplay wasn't done yet. By the end of the first song, it's sounds like it's tuned. This is a very nice feature, absolutely love it. I think Sonos picked the right product to introduce the feature, because you can move it from room to room and hear the it make adjustments and improve itself. Not just demonstrating it's ability, but fun to do, IMO.

Overall sound quality once tuned is really better than expected. It feels like a little better than play:3. It's not going to beat out a pair of Sonos Ones, but you get all the new features.

The wifi range is pretty strong. It could go further than my Galaxy 9 could. Bluetooth mode sound quality isn't quite as good but feels like it's mostly due to the lack of auto trueplay. It feels like it assumes you're going to use it outside and tunes to that expectation.

One little important feature when switching modes, it seems like it remembers the volume you had on wifi. So when you switch it to bluetooth, you're going to mess with the volume, probably louder. Going back to wifi, it seemed to go back to it's previous volume. Oh, and I really like that the wifi/BT button is slightly raised and a different shape then the other buttons. It makes it so you can switch by touch alone, blind.

Alexa works as expected. I didn't play with it too much, but don't expect any issues.

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to use the Move yet, what rooms since I have Sonos everywhere already. I think the answer might be, all of them. I've tried it in the dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, the garage, the patio, it works everywhere. It's got a slightly different sound to it. And I found that I like picking it up and carry it around with me. And I suddenly have the desire to go to the beach this weekend. The Move makes me want to move.

Overall, what stands out the most to me isn't that it sounds good, that it's got a battery...we've seen that with other speakers before. It's auto trueplay, that it gonna sound good where ever you place it.
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Why on earth would anyone right now consider paying a premium price for a speaker that will not be supported after  a minimum of 5 years? 


I wouldn’t recommend anyone buys anything anymore from you lot. 

you are getting fried on social media and even on mainstream media. 

And so you should. 



Awesome news Ryan!

I'm sure I will have more questions, but here's a few for now.

I noticed there aren't any accessories for the Move list on the site. Can we expect some to be posted soon? I'm thinking along the line of a carrying case or wall mounting options.

When in bluetooth mode, can the Move be used with phone calls? Can you use voice control through your phone in bluetooth mode? Since it is both a speaker and microphone array, seems like it would be possible, although I would not be surprised if the mic is just off in bluetooth mode.

What is Sonos recommendation on permanent placing the Move in an outdoor location?
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Just a different viewpoint from me..!

I have two Sonos ‘Move’ speakers and some old legacy Sonos speakers too ... no regrets here whatsoever.

I will likely shift mine to the ‘modern’ setup when that happens in May. 

I don’t see the point in whinging about a speaker that’s portable and designed to move around, out & about the home anyway.

The speaker is a great portable sound system on its own, one of the best on the market, I think. 

My glass is the one on the right, when if comes to the Sonos Move…


I guess it depends on how you use them

I largely use my move in a workshop where I am regularly wandering between the workshop and the office.  Office has two “legacy” products.

There is some sound “overlap” between the areas so I need to have the same playing in both areas.

I need to be able to move the unit around the workshop and I don’t have spare power points.

Hence Move was ideal

If i wanted a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker I would have spent A$500 less 


I tend to use dual mono Bluetooth across both of mine, albeit rarely.

My garden area has 5ghz WiFi built-in with our camera/security system so i piggy back off that when taken outside. Otherwise their on 5ghz in the house. In any event your Move speaker will just continue to work exactly as it does now post May 2020, so dunno what you’re complaining about here? Sonos have promised any security updates and patches, just no further features for the older legacy products.

Dude he clearly says because he can't integrate the move with his legacy speakers unless he forgoes updates. He may as well have bought a $100 Bluetooth speaker.Sonos is holding his updates hostage unless he spends more money replacing old units. 

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In any event your ‘Move’ speaker will just continue to work exactly as it does now, post May 2020, so dunno what you’re complaining about here? Sonos have promised any security updates and patches, just no further features for the older legacy products.


Except that I will never be able to update the Move firmware (whilst I want to use it in a group with legacy units)


So as soon as say a streaming service needs a firmware update I can no longer use that service on the Move


if I ever update the Move firmware (deliberately or by accident) I will not be able to move it with ‘legacy’ products


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I do wonder then how many users appreciate the Move can't use or connect to the tech that has always been the cornerstone, advantage and patented tech that Sonos is {or was??) based on.

Probably no coincidence then that Sonos has really been pushing users towards a WiFi setup lately and to 'try it'....?
I was really excited for this but the pricing seems out of whack.
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It’s not speculation - it’s what Sonos have said !

The Sonos Move Might Be the Best Bluetooth Speaker We've Ever Heard

In Ryan’s opening post I see that the new 'Move' speaker is rated at IP56 ...I found this chart (attached), which quickly shows what that means.
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Hi @blkmg, our commitment is to support all of our products with software updates for a minimum of five years after we stop selling them, and we have a track record of supporting for longer. The Move is brand new, there’s no date that we have right now of when we’ll stop selling it. When that happens, you’ll have at least another five years after then.

Well, some products are still being sold, so that promise seems somewhat empty. 


We’re getting even more off topic… But, that’s the 2015 version of the Connect, which is not getting moved into legacy mode in May. Only the Connects manufactured before 2015 don’t have the hardware to keep up.

I think 5 years of support for a product after ‘date of last manufacture' is a good deal.. it does not mean that at at that point things stop working. It just means no more updates. I have several far more expensive TV’s that haven’t been updated in years and they are still working fine. I don’t see Sonos doing anything different in that respect.

I prefer to see a company like Sonos be innovative and be ahead of their game, rather than watch them standstill.

You either love technological challenges and advancement (modern), or you choose to live in the past (legacy) … I’m all for driving things forward, personally speaking.

But Ken, it does mean my system, that I have been building over the years will eventually stop working. I’m no techie but people on here aren’t happy. Do you work for the Sonos PR department?

No, I’m just a customer, perhaps like yourself and live in the U.K. and I most probably have more Sonos products in my home than the average Sonos user, but I see the recent announcement as being no different than most things that I own these days. I just purchased the LG C9 OLED TV for example and I very much doubt LG will provide updates two, or three, years from now for that TV and who’s to say the Apps on that TV from Amazon, Google, Netflix etc; will suddenly then stop working… I see that as equally unlikely. 

Sonos on the other hand, are promising 5 years, or longer, support here and updates on their products after they stop manufacturing them and I suspect their in-built services in the Sonos App will continue to work and generate revenue for the services for a good many years … I just see people here who are reading things as they want to read them and seeing “red mist” and stirring others up to follow their lead. 

I am quite calm about it all and I have over 23 (plus) Sonos products, both legacy and modern, but I’m not fooled by this mob-like negativity. In fact I find it quite funny that some behave so irrational and in this way… I guess it’s just my attitude of choosing to “Keep Calm and Carry On” whilst others here stress themselves out over something that is most likely not going to affect me for a good many years still to come… in any event, I will get over it and try to ‘live happily ever after’. Time to go and listen to my music and I’m quite confident my Sonos devices will still be playing next year and for many years after that too. 😁