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Looks great, and I was excited, however I currently have Kef 5.1 speakers and a Onkyo receiver, I dont think this will replace the receiver...
Hi, Sonos community

I have a Sonos home theater set up playbar+2 play 5’s+ Sub; would I be able to add more to my set up using the amp?

You can have up to 32 devices in one system Those devices can be bonded with other speakers to form virtual rooms. You would not be able to add anything to the your existing HT virtual room. In other words, the most you can get is a 5.1 setup, not 7.1 or beyond. You could also look at it as the most sonos devices you can have for one room is 4. You can create additional virtual rooms and group them other rooms as you wish though.

And I use the word 'virtual', because physically, you can place them all in the same room of course.
It is a great update for the power of the amp; but still not optical in.

Like the Beam, you will be able to use an adapter to convert optical to hdmi-arc. It won't be included with the Amp, but will be available for purchase from Sonos.
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This is incredibly disappointing. Was hoping to be able to use trueplay with my speakers. One might jump to the cynical conclusion that your collaboration with Sonance is why this feature isn't included.

However I know there could be a perfectly good reason for this and would love to hear it.

It's actually quite the opposite. This is possible because of our partnership with Sonance. We have more data and information about the speakers themselves, and the variables involved, we will be able to properly use Trueplay with them. These are speakers that are being produced with Trueplay and the Sonos Amp in mind, as opposed to any other third party speakers out there.

You will be able to use Trueplay with those speakers you have and the Sonos Amp, but only if you're using those speakers as surrounds with a Beam, Playbase, or Playbar. And the tuning is more about finding a happy medium with the variables we're able to adjust.
Yet another new Sonos product with a microphone built into it. Yes there is a "physical" switch, but it does not physically disconnect the microphone from the circuit - it can still be enabled by software.

This is the furthest thing from "unparalleled freedom of choice". I do NOT want any microphones in my speakers, and if this is the future of all Sonos products I will be selling each and every one of my Sonos speakers and moving to an alternative solution; one that actually respects user privacy and choice. If there are any left...
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Please, please, please make also a white version! Otherwise I can not buy it. I have everything from you also because you have white products. And you do give people option until now, white and black . Please give this option further.

Thank you!
Why why why WHY not just supply with a cabled center speaker out on the new AMP - instead of trying to make a "phantom center channel" or "simulated center channel" - it makes no sense at all !!! It seems that you have made so many things right - why not go the full distance ???

If I could hazard a guess, I'd say it's because HT functionality is not the primary functionality of the Sonos Amp. The Amp is basically the replacement for the Connect:Amp, so it's safe to assume that the target usage is the same. That is to say that most people will use it to drive in-celiling or outdoor speakers. In many of those uses, there will not be a tv involved and thus no need for a center channel speaker. Even when there is a TV involve, there will be a lot of users that don't want to wire a center channel (I'd fit into this category personally). Adding another speaker output will increase cost, and possibly price, for a feature that many if not most will ever use. Honestly, I see the HDMI-ARC connection and simulated center channel as more of an easy add-on, reusing the research and functionality done for the Beam.

So that begs the question, why not have a second version of the amp, one with a dedicated center channel? My guess would be that there isn't a big enough market for it. Or perhaps customers who want 3 (or more) wired speakers with their amp are likely to go with 3rd party receiver + Sonos Connect option. And we really don't know what other products are coming down the pipeline anyway.
Out of curiosity; as it will be part of HT now, will it support TruePlay? (Not just for rears)

Yes, with the Sonance speakers...
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Out of curiosity; as it will be part of HT now, will it support TruePlay? (Not just for rears)
It's a bit buried, so I'll repost it for you.

Trueplay will be available for some setups with the Sonos Amp, such as using it as the surround speakers with a Playbar, Playbase, or Beam. You'll also be able to use Trueplay with the Sonance speakers we're partnering together to develop.

When used with other speakers that the Sonance ones we're working with them to build, you won't be able to Trueplay the Amp unless it's the surrounds as listed above.

Edit melvimbe beat me to it.
I am hopeful that one of the standard setups for the Amp will give an effect virtually indistinguishable from true 5.1. Amp with passive speakers for front L and R, plus 'ghost' centre, Two Play speakers bonded as surrounds, plus Sub.
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Mono? Do we get the mono option with this amp?
Yes, there's an option to have the outputs both send mono audio.

how does this effect using your tv remote to control the Sonos Amp volume? It appears to me (I could be wrong) that Sonos soundbars have ir receivers in them, does the new Sonos Amp also have an ir receiver? Many thanks,
The Amp does have an IR receiver, it'll work just the same as the Playbar would.

I have a play bar and sub and was going to get 2x one or play1 for rears. I am assuming I don need amp in my life for anything different?
Still not capable of atmos is it?

No, the Sonos Amp doesn't support Atmos. It does support Dolby Digital 5.1, which is compatible with Atmos however.
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Dave you missed out - he was Sending out free ones to the first 10 posters. :)

Oh Chris, not funny (well it is really) just trying to get back into my IFTTT account and it's a nightmare so not a happy person
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@olympicref, that doesn't sound right. From most setups you can get audio at around 2% of the audio curve, for most players. Some of the Sonos players people have complained that the lowest volume setting is too loud.

What kind of speakers are you using and what kind of power draw/ratings do they have?

Make sure that in the Sonos app, you don't have the max volume set really low. This is under Settings > Room Settings > Room name.
But then doesn't this require routing three HDMI cables from my devices to the TV, and then another one back from the TV to the Sonos Amp? That would have been easy when I built the house, but good luck doing that now without ripping up a lot of drywall and hardwood flooring. Two of my TVs have no place anywhere near them to place components.

Then the item is not for you. Horses for courses.
Sorry for the rudimentary nature of these questions. I have an old-school set up, with a Sonos Connect purchased in 2014 as a pre-amp. I currently have a PC > Boost > Connect > DAC > Integrated Amp > Floorstanding speakers.

If my 20 year old integrated amp dies, will this new Amp replace it?

Depends on your TV. If your TV has HDMI-ARC and CEC, then yes.

If I got the Amp, would the Connect I have then become obsolete?

Yes. No need for the Connect.

Would I just use the Sonos app to control volume?

Sonos app, TV remote, or Alexa.

Finally, can I connect my DAC to this Amp, or would my DAC still need to be connected through the Connect?

You would use the DAC in the Amp. No external DACs possible.
Interesting - Crutchfield must be counted as an installer. Great way for people to get them online. Sounds a little optimistic since Sonos said not available from installers until December 1.

My guess is this is a mistake. I'd expect that date to be updated soon. Then again, it may be that Sonos is trying to release the Amp early in order to push end of year sales...something they probably hoped Google integration would do.
I've never seen Sonos do something like that before, when they've brought out new equipment, but an interesting thought.I think this is highly unlikely to be offered. If the Connect:Amp were no longer being supported it would be a different matter. I can't immediately think of any tech manufacturer that has done this when launching a newer, shinier version, but I'm sure that will prompt a few examples!
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Looks like a solid update! I'm very interested and look forward to more details and reviews. The only disappointment is waiting till February 2019!
First off, I like it on first impression.

- Can it be bonded with a Sonos sub? I see that you can connect a non-Sonos sub, but haven't seen anything about the normal bonding of a Sonos sub.

- For HT, Is there an option to have passive speakers as the front speakers and then bond with 2 Sonos speakers as rear sounds? Is the opposite setup also true (Sonos speakers in the front, passive in the back)?

- Is it possible to create a 4.1 setup using only Sonos speakers. Say play:5s in the front, play:1s in the back, and a Sonos sub? Would you possibly need 2 Amps to get that done? (I know you, you're not using the Amp at all in this configuration)

- For any configuration where you use 2 Amps, or the Amp + Beam/Playbar/Playbase...will you be able to use 2 Subs, either Sonos or non-Sonos?

- Will you be able to set it so the RCA line in and/or the HDMI/ARC input will automatically switch to that source?

- Will it come with an optical adapter as the Beam does?

- Will there be an option to turn off the simulated center channel when using HDMI-ARC as input?

Sorry, lots of questions.
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ebay or craiglist the old stuff to fund new stuff.
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I'd like to use the Sonos Amp to power some old floor standing Cerwin Vega speakers which I have running at 4Ohms. Can I bridge the right and left channels to run mono at 4Ohms without causing damage to the amplifier of the Sonos Amp? Is it stable at 4Ohms?

So, you have a pair of 4 Ohm floorstanders that you would like to power with the Amp, correct?

If so, why are you mentioning bridging and running mono?

Per the link below, the Amp is stable at 4 Ohms and doubles its power to 250 w/ch (an indicator of a robust amp design), so it should power a pair of 4 Ohm speakers just fine. Now, trying to power 2 pair of 4 Ohm speakers would likely be a problem (for most any amplifier), because the impedance would drop to 2 Ohms.
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Thanks for clarifying, Camillo. There are some options with the Sonos Amp that you can use to get this setup. The easiest thing here is by using a single Sonos Amp with a Sub, you could hook up two speakers to the left and right terminals and you'd have stereo surround in the sense that left and right would be mirrored in the front and back. Sending it stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1 would have similar mirroring out of all channels.

The Sonos Amp also has the option to play mono, so you could have the same audio playing out of all of the speakers connected with it.

There isn't a new setting for Sonos home theater players that will allow for the surrounds to mirror the front channels when playing TV sourced audio.
This is the first new Sonos product since the Sub that I could see myself buying. Looks like some long standing requests such as mono output and separate left/right for Home Theater are finally getting addressed. Well done!
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For any configuration where you use 2 Amps, or the Amp + Beam/Playbar/Playbase...will you be able to use 2 Subs, either Sonos or non-Sonos?
Nope. The Sub can only be bonded to a single Sonos room, If you're using it was one Amp or two, it's still one Sonos room. The Sonos Amp being used as the rear speakers doesn't have the subwoofer output enabled.

This article suggest you can use 2 subs:

Wow, I mangled those sentences all sorts. I've clarified the post and removed some of the typos. Thanks for pointing it out!

For projector owners - can the Sonos Amp be in the rear (powering 2 passive speakers and sub) with the HDMI plug from the source coming into the Sonos Amp.

Then ….. A playbar/beam as the front 3 speakers. No HDMI connected up front to the Beam.

When set up as a rear or surround speaker for any home theater setup, the Amp has all of the inputs and the subwoofer output disabled.
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