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Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

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Last but not least, bluesound doesn't use a separate wifi network like Sonos, and I never had any interferences issues. You know the BIG and only excuse used by Sonos support why your system isn't working properly. Obviously you cannot be a sound and network engineers in the same time. Pathetic. 

We have been able to use Sonos on normal wifi as a normal mode for many years now?

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If I upgrade to S2, will I still be able to use the OS X controller app? I don’t see an S2 version of the OSX controller for download. How does that work?


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You can choose a different speaker when you touch the four horizontal lines in de middle.

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Sorry for a bit of a rant but using Sonos for many years and this S2 app has not neen a great thing.

Thing is when I got the 2 connects I was told since mfg date is 2015 and both had play/pause button will be classed as modern devices and upon registration it showed as modern devices and not legacy.
Now I am being told 1 connect mfg date 1504 is on s1 app and my other connect mfg date 1511 can be on s2 app. So along with one connect, gen 2 play 5 can update to s2 while connect in bedroom will be s1 so creating 2 zones, not great. How can sonos be so slack in classifying gen 1 and gen 2 connects? Talked with sonos rep and even though both connects were registered as modern, same physical features, mfg year 2015, one connect will be on s2, other s1 app, how is that any good from the point of view of a customer?

I was with Sonos since 2010 for ease of use and to be able to connect different device and now it isnt possible if I update to s2, if I stay on s1, no updates, not happy with this and if I need to update to Port, spend more money for similar features as connect. 



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Why would they give us a choice now, only to abandon it later?

Well, maybe to make the massive wave of critique fizzle out in the background and make it look like they care of so called “obsolete” speakers? I was planning to expand my system but now Sonos has lost my trust and I won’t be getting any more. I mean, who knows when they will make more speakers obsolete?

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They have stated to support speakers at least five years after production has stopped.…

Sonos has made s1 available for those with older devices, instead of following through with their harsh decision to stop support for legacy devices. Your statement shows a lot of trust....

Why would they give us a choice now, only to abandon it later?

Well, maybe to make the massive wave of critique fizzle out in the background and make it look like they care instead saying f*ck you to all users of so called “obsolete” speakers? I was planning to expand my system but now Sonos has lost my trust and I won’t be getting any more. I mean, who knows when they will make more speakers obsolete?

Never mind the minimum 5 year (post production) guarantee given by Sonos, I’m not aware of any sonos ‘player-model’ that doesn’t still play today… I think every ‘player-product’ the company has ever made for public release, can still be used for audio playback under either the S1 or S2 software system.

Some of those Sonos device models have been playing more than double and nearly treble that minimum guarantee period... and long may they continue.

Anyone who has lost trust with that type of ‘track record‘ is definitely out of touch with the ‘real world’ and with what Sonos have been (and are still) doing with all their main products.

I cannot think of any such similar hardware manufacturer that can boast such lasting support for each and every single type of computerised player.

Entirely contrary to the comment from ‘Swedish Dude’, whilst I do understand that things may not last forever, I will happily continue to buy more products from such a company. The track record for all Sonos players still speaks for itself and it certainly far exceeds my own personal expectations.

Will the S1 app be updated in the future for new OSes for both computers and phones or is Sonos simply abandoning it?


I think the that depends on what a  ‘new OS’ is.  Sonos has stated that they will provide bug fixes and security updates for S1 systems.  I don’t think that means that,  if a new S2 app is developed for Chrome, linux, or something like that, there will be a corresponding S1 app in the same OS.  I also don’t think it means that if there are significant changes to a currently supported OS that requires a redesign of the existing app, Sonos will do the dev work for S1.  Most new versions of OS are usually backward compatible.


I know you guys have had your hands busy but I wanted to say great job on the new ui update. The small changes made a huge difference. Peace and love. 

Excelente con la nueva actualización

There are references here to upgrading to S2 from within the S1 app, but I can't see how to do this. Check for updates just says that I am up to date. I am on S1 / 11.2. My oldest device is a Play 5 Gen2. I have checked with iOS and Android apps. How do you do this? 

Settings/System/System Tools and run the S2 compatibility check.

You should have been prompted automatically in the next couple of days anyway.

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I always thought “new app” meant it was going to be an all-new app, but I get the impression it’s the same as the old one bar a couple of extremely minor aesthetic tweaks and the room group feature, which is of no use to me.  So it’s “new” in that it has a different app ID so needs to be installed separately.  On the one hand it’s great because it gives me no incentive to upgrade my old play:5s that are stuck on S1, but on the other I was hoping that a new app might at least have been a bit more exciting.  In particular, I seriously could do with a dark theme as the current white design is really hard for me to use.  I presume the new app doesn’t even work with the “force dark” developer option in Android 10 as per the old one?  I presume the OSX app is exactly the same as per S1?

I always thought the Sonos PR was a bit rubbish in the lead-up to this because they were concentrating almost solely on the lack of support for old kit and nothing at all about the new features, but I think I see why.  Emperor’s new clothes and that.  Hopefully the new OS will prove its worth in the future.

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With s2 did we lose the ability to give thumbs up to a pandora track? I don’t have this option anymore 

Ken to be fair to the poster, he didn’t ask for assistance but was simply posting the experience he (and many, many others) has had in attempting to upgrade. The fact that he needs to resort to “folk here willing to assist” or giving Sonos a call indicates that Sonos should have made their update process a lot more straightforward than they have done.

I didn’t personally experience any issues updating to S2, nor did my son, son-in-law or his relatives either, so I was just thinking that I (or possibly others here) might just be able to assist that’s all.👍



My whole Sonos system is upgraded to version 11.2 (build57377280), as is also my IOS Sonos app (new name Sonos S1).

However I don't see any notification that the new S2 app is available.

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One change at a time, they only have a finite amount of support staff. I’ve now got a split system, works fine for me with a few speaker moves.

Wrong change, wrong time. The number of streamers using Sonos speakers far outnumbers those playing files from their local libraries. Streaming is the present, playing files stored on a hard drive is the past. Most businesses support the majority of their customer base, not the minority. 

This is not fair, IMO. My NAS device is cancel-culture and license-litigation proof.  😁👍

I have 2 x Play:1, a Play:3 and a Sub, all are apparently compatible with S2 yet S2 says otherwise on my MacOS.


How do I get S2 too work?

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Happy to report a successful upgrade to S2! There were a few minor bumps in the road …

  • Windows controller upgraded to S1. Would have been super-nice to be asked “I see you’ve got all modern devices, would you like to upgrade to S2?” Fix: download S2 and install.
  • S2 installation nearly gave me a hear attack with “Yo, some of your devices are not S2 compatible.” Say what?!?! Deep breath, closed the install and tried again, all good.
  • Existing Music Library hosted on the Windows machine (in other words, a drive on the Windows machine, published via the Sonos Library Service) was no bueno with the S2 app. Fix: remove the Music Library, add it back, all good.

Please re read the first post in this thread. 


High Resolution Audio


With S2, Sonos speakers now have support for high resolution audio, 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz for FLAC/ALAC only. This support is for local music libraries shared from computers and network attached drives. We’ve updated the article on Sonos supported music formats here.

The Sonos Arc is a Dolby Atmos soundbar, and S2 brings support for that audio to Sonos for home theater and music. Dolby Atmos can be read from Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MAT, and Dolby TrueHD

Please re read the first post in this thread. 

So all the talk about hi-res support in S2 was just not true. It’s just the same as S1.

This looks like a spam post. Don't click the link.

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So just so I understand . . . If I stream 24bit music from Amazon, S2 will play it at 16bit, but if I download 24bit music from Amazon, Sonos will play it at 24bit? Is that right? 

That’s correct, assuming the tracks are downloaded to your local music library and shared with Sonos. As opposed to trying to play offline music that’s been saved for playback later.

Bose is making good products. When my old sonos unsupported products become unusable, I will make the switch. I have invested about 4k in Sonos bit no more. 


Bose recently abandoned an entire lineup of smart speakers that were less than a decade old design, replacing them with a new Alexa capable lineup that is 100% incompatible with the old.  Even worse, these older model speakers were sold right up until the day they dropped them.  You literally could have bought a speaker one day, and the very next day your speaker was obsolete; incapable of working with any future Bose devices.  

So, good luck with Bose.  

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Introducing the crappy new icon you must look at if you don’t upgrade your system.

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Hi Ryan, I confirm the older versions of Android still work after the S1 update. Strangely newer devices and the PC Software show the App as SONOS S1 but the older units just say Sonos.