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Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

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Just upgraded to S2, seems okay but I am having trouble using TruPlay with a pair of play ones, anyone else had this?

I wish I had checked the community first, I have signed up for a trial of Tidal and have not noticed much of a difference over Spotify, now I know why!

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No entiendo nada?

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Is there an S2 controller for Mac available yet?

Edit: found it.

Anyone on here using URC Total control 2 and upgraded their Sonos S1 to S2 and can comment on if the the Sonos intergration still funtions?

Also anyone care to share how S2 works when internet is down for local music playback compared to S1? 

I am upgrading my system in April to S2 and want to be prepared.


You might be best to contact URC Automation to answer your question, or perhaps just setup a separate S2 HH with one or two currently compatible S1/S2 devices to check the compatibility with the URC system. As long as you retain an S1 HH, you can always go back and downgrade the devices to S1, if necessary.

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Honestly I found this S1 and S2 split is confusing and unwarranted and it a step away from what made Sonos good in the first place simple to use don’t have to read up on what works, what compatible etc ... 

I just want something that just works like an iPhone and that the reason I went with Sonos in the first place but lately I think they are stepping away from this philosophy.


I have a lot of sonos products and I like it a lot but with phasing in and out of hardware support and you have to work out what works 

it give me second thoughts about buying more

I have done some alternative research and will buy the next speaker with bluesound  as a test and if it works out well and as my Sonos coming to end of life in coming years I move to bluesound.


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To Ken and Rip and any Sonos employees who happen to still read these posts:

Ken, you’ve always been a big help on these forums and it’s really appreciated.  I think though that you keep looking past the fact that many of our systems have been thoroughly gone over by high-level Sonos support teams and even engineers.  THE ONLY REASON I’ve even gone to the trouble (and great expense of funds and TIME) of crawling though attics and basements to run yards of cat6 Ethernet cable is BECAUSE Sonos engineers said this would FIX the WiFi issues with Sonosnet!   NOT BECAUSE I wanted to run wires!   Initially it was just 2 units, then 3, then 6, then 8 and now they suggest perhaps ALL OF THEM! 

Every SINGLE device in our home that is WiFI’d or directly wired to the router WORKS PERFECTLY!  NO device drops, stalls, lags, cuts out, won’t find the router, or take 20-30 seconds to open the associated APP (on any platform). 

I appreciate that you and others on here have a great working system and are long-time and consistent supporters of SONOS, but honestly Sonos knows there are SERIOUS and ongoing issues.

I just wish the fans on here would stop always pointing people to their router settings and blaming WiFi interference as the panacea for all Sonos disruption issues.  I’ve been in Tech long enough to know when all other issues are addressed and the only one left is ONE PRODUCT and manufacturer... they are the PROBLEM, (not my Router and Wifi) and I suspect there are a LARGE number of dissatisfied Sonos customer who have come to the same conclusion.  

I will continue to work with engineering where possible and post their suggestions for others, but it’s becoming crystal clear Sonos has a LOT of work to do for TOO MANY of us. 


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I mean @kassey22000 posted that they worked with Sonos engineers. I bet you’ve been waiting for years to flex your massive matrix in rebuttal. Who u tryin 2 impress smh

Ken, with all due respect, your premise that Sonos engineers can’t see/change/help or correct home network issues is on the face of it BUNK!   They always ask for diagnostics (which I have submitted probably over 200 times) - They have a full network diagram of my entire home WiFi/wired system, - they have every detail of every router/switch/connection and other devices (many which have been upgraded through the years to help solve potential issues with Sonos), and they have made REAL-TIME changes to networks settings over Remote-PC and other direct-to-my-computer help desk apps with my assistance/approval. They can also remotely (with my permission) reboot my entire Sonos system and look deeply into what’s going on remotely.  

The top tier Sonos support team are awesome and I believe they really know their way around these issues, YET and  once and FOR ALL KEN - They have clearly and repeatedly ADMITTED that it’s their EQUIPMENT and NETWORK - NOT MINE!  

I wish you would QUIT defending the indefensible!  You and the rest of the died-in-the wool fan-boys just give cover and solace to Sonos and enable poor excuses for constantly revised software/firmware (why is it constantly updated/revised?  BECAUSE IT’S BUGGY!).

Sorry but often you guys come off as shills for Sonos and not true consumer/community helpers, which I know is not true, but the perception of this has been expressed here a lot. 

Oh, and Ken, as for that cute little Sonos Support Direct Command-line Matrix, you can say good-bye to that.  Word has it that Sonos has plans to remove that user function just like they did with the customer controlled reboot option!  I found it useful (to a limit) as well, but apparently it has to go.



Hmm... am I missing something? I what way does S2 support hi-res any more than S1?

It supports Dolby Atmos (on ARC), and 24 bit FLAC/ALAC on up to 48 kHz. 96 kHz is still rather broken, though - it plays the music really slowly.


I’m really hoping they’ll fix that… play it on Arc/Port, just play a downsampled version on the other speakers if they can’t play it natively.