Intermittent Google Play Music trouble for East Coast Verizon FIOS Customers

  • 23 December 2015
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You might've had some problems using Google Play Music on your Sonos today under some specific circumstances.

If you're on the East Coast of the US and a Verizon FIOS customer, your Sonos might have had problems today, such as songs skipping or failing to play at random today. During an investigation with Google Play Music, an issue was found and fixed, so we don't believe there are still problems affecting the region.

If this is what you experienced today or you're still having problems with Google Play Music, please let us know by submitting a diagnostic and leaving a reply.

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7 replies


I am experiencing the same issue the same issue but with Amazon Music. Songs are skipping and failing to play. Also I am gerting an error message that says "Requested Operation Failed...." or "Unable to add tracks to the Qeue"

My diagnostic number is 5441716

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Hi Ticoxio,

Are you having trouble with songs cutting out in the middle of playing, or are they failing to play entirely?

The error on the diagnostic indicates a problem with the account credentials, but that shouldn't cause songs to stop playing in the middle.

If you can't start playback on any Amazon tracks, I'd recommend starting with going into Settings > Services and remove Amazon Music, then add it back in.

Let us know how it goes.
Hi Ryan,

The songs that are presenting problems start ok but after a couple of seconds the sound stops, and after a couple of extra seconds the error message appears.

I already tried power cycling the router and every electronic device and also removing and re-installing the Amazon Music service.

I am really baffle because the service was working fine and suddendly it just started having this issue.

Also, when I try to play songs from the Prime Stations it plays some of them and suddendly it just skip like 3 or 4 songs with no reason.

Thanks for the help
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Thanks Ticoxio for the extra details. It sounds like you'd be best off working with one of our technicians live. When you have the time, can you give us a call on our support line? You can give them that same diagnostic number and they'll help taking a closer look into the network and what's happening.

I'd recommend testing out some other services to see if it's just Amazon Music giving you trouble or if there's an issue with the internet connection in general.
I submitted a diagnostic because my Sonos won't play my Amazon music from my playlist but it will play Pandora and I have Verizon FiOS Wireless in my house. 6568556
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Hi, Lperetti9999. Can you please try removing Amazon as a music service, unplugging your speakers, unplugging your router for 5 seconds, then firing it all back up? Having done this, please proceed to add Amazon back in. Let us know if this does not resolve the issue. Thank you.
Having the same problem with my system. I can play one to two songs and then just stops, acts like it's paused when I hit the play button to resume it goes to a new song.
Getting very frustrated.
This happens with both Amazon and Pandora as sources.