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  • 7 September 2018
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60 replies

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Am I missing something? Trying to play a favorite or playlist by sending an email or text but don't see that applet available. Any reason why?
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@Tuck, Google Assistant support is coming this year. With IFTTT you might be able to get a little something working before hand, but nothing like what we're working on.
Great news but what would even be better is to hear that SONOS now connects to Google Home and to my NEST system. But hey, I can wait, and wait, and wait some more:🆒...............
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@billythepuppet, thanks for the feedback. I'll pass that along to the team so they can look into ways to make it a little more clear and generally a better experience overall. The IFTTT integration is in beta, so you can expect to see it changing.

@william_37, your analysis on why it functions is exactly correct in this case. The Play Stream is designed for use with longer content, such as internet radio. I'll pass along a suggestion to the team for some sort of Play Clip or timed play option.
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Not sure if it's the intended behaviour or a bug, but when specifying a URL to a sound file (e.g. mp3), it plays in an uninterrupted loop instead of stopping after one playback.

I do understand this if the URL actually references a live audio stream, but I would also need to play one off sounds on specifics IFTTT triggers, so is there a way for the system to differentiate between these single audio files playbacks and live streams?

Many thanks
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I'm confused by the 'Pause entire household' option? I want to pause all speakers when I leave home but this gives the option of individual speakers plus the option already mentioned.

Very happy with the integration though, my Kronaby watch is now set to play a favourite with the press of a button.
I do use IFTTT for 'triggering' a few rather basic actions, like emailing shopping lists, ringing a lost mobile, flashing lights for reminders etc. and this latest Sonos integration, now opens up many further possibilities.

I personally wish Philips Hue lights and their motion sensors were available as 'triggers' too and not just in the 'actions' area, as it would be quite nice to trigger a particular light-scene in a room and then have Sonos automatically begin playing some music that suits the chosen mood/atmosphere... or of course vice versa, where a 'triggered' Sonos playlist, then switches on a suitable hue light-scene in a room, during post-sunset hours.

It’s really great to see all these smart-home devices beginning to communicate with each other in a very simple and customisable way for the end-user.

Thankyou so much Sonos ... really looking forward to using some of these useful actions and seeing the ongoing development with this new integration.?
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I'm pleased to see these developments. Like @william_37 I would love to have the ability within both the API and IFTTT to manage groups. I've long been able to control my speakers using SmartThings and webCoRE in a manner equal to or better than the present IFTTT actions allow (i.e., implementing TTS. for example), but managing groups has long been on my wish list. I hope as the new API advances either Sonos or an outside developer will be able to expand on the current Device-Type Handler (DTH) currently available for Sonos within SmartThings, which in turn will help us make Sonos a more cohesive partner within our smart home systems.
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You're welcome! The team is just getting started. You'll see more functionality added over time as the beta develops. You're correct, Sonos is only available as an action for the system, not for triggers. I don't have any specific plans I can share on what's up next or will come down the road. I'll make sure to pass along your feedback to the team so they know what the community is asking for.
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Many thanks Ryan! This was a very long awaited/requested feature and I'm pleased it's finally here! Even if in the meantime some of us bought third party systems (such as Smarthings) to give a basic remote control of our Sonos environment as a workaround. I certainly hope the IFTTT channel as it is officially maintained by Sonos will offer more options.

Would you consider commands to group rooms and commands to issue text to speech in the near future? Also right now I can only see distinct actions to change the volume and play a stream, but no ability to set the playing volume for a stream (hence requiring two separate actions).

Also, are you planning to add triggers as well to issue smart home actions when a speaker starts or stops playing? (Right now all I see are actions)

Well done and thanks again!