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  • 1 June 2018
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Welcome to the Sonos community. We’ve put together this thread to help you get the most out of the community. Whether you’re here for help, information, or to have a conversation, this guide will help you fit right in.

How to get help

There are some great threads covering many of the common troubleshooting issues:


You can also search our FAQs by entering in a question here.
Please note that we recently switched to a new domain host for our FAQs. We've updated many of the links on the community but you may find some older ones which do not load.

The best way to receive help with an issue is to make a post in an existing thread that describes the same issue you’re having. If the thread is still active, post a reply containing as much detail as you can. In most cases it will help to include a diagnostic confirmation number in your post.

If you can’t find an active thread for similar issues, feel free to create a new post in the troubleshooting area.

You may also send direct messages to Sonos staff asking for help. Feel free to reach out to Edward R, Jeff S, or Ryan S if you’re not able to find help in a thread.

Community expectations
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3 replies

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Feature requests

If you have an idea for a new feature or product, please let us know. We’re always looking for ways to make the Sonos system better fit your needs. Please bear in mind, though, it is Sonos company policy not to discuss possible future products and features. Don’t worry though, we’ll log your request and make it known to the Sonos team.

Sonos Employees

Are always marked as “Sonos Staff” or “Community Managers.” Everyone else on the community is a customer just like you. Please note that only Sonos employees can view diagnostic reports from your Sonos app.

Community moderation

Sonos staff will moderate by removing posts which violate the community guidelines. Profanity will often be edited out, leaving the remaining post as long as it is relevant to the discussion. In some cases, moderators will reach out to users directly to resolve issues.
Community terms
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Forum Navigation

There are a few different areas of the community, each with their own uses. Click on the sections below to learn more about each board on the community.


  • Announcements - Keep an eye out here for news from Sonos. Here is where we’ll let you know about new features and updates. We’ll also let you know about any ongoing outages as they occur, and we’ll give updates as they are resolved. This is a great place to find out about what’s going on with Sonos right now.
  • Ask a question - If you’re not sure where else to ask, do so here. We’ll move posts into the appropriate forums as needed, but feel free to start here.

Getting started

  • What to get - This is a great place to start a conversation with the community about which Sonos products are right for you.
  • Setting up Sonos - Come here to discuss how and where to set up your speakers. If you’re wondering which speaker would be best in a particular room, or whether a particular network switch will work, ask here.

Voice control

  • Amazon Alexa and Sonos - This is the home for discussing Alexa and voice control services for your Sonos systems.

Life with Sonos

  • Wireless speakers - This area is for questions and conversation about wireless speakers in general, and Sonos PLAY speakers specifically. Discuss the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 here.
  • Components - Questions and discussions about the CONNECT, and CONNECT:AMP can be found here. This is also a great place to find out about third party speakers and receivers, and how to integrate them into your Sonos system.
  • Controllers & software - You can find conversations about various controllers and settings here. This is a good place to discuss current features of the app, and to suggest new ones.
  • Home theater - This is the home of the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE. Discuss TV models and surround sound here.
  • Music services and sources - Find more information on music services or ask about accessing your music library.
  • Music, culture & the industry - What's happening in the world of music and digital media? What are you listening to this week? #NowPlaying

Advanced & troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting - If you’re having trouble with your Sonos system, our community is here to help.
  • Advanced setups - Find out how to get Sonos working in different environments.

Other language forums

Community feedback

  • Community feedback - Share feedback about the community and its platform here. We'd love to hear what you think.