Connect Amp Power

  • 8 November 2016
  • 7 replies

Currently the Connect Amp deliver 55W RMS per channel, which is adequate for most applications or in home needs. However, when it comes to driving bigger speakers, especially in an outdoor setting, 55W is not enough. Has anyone heard of plans for Sonos to offer a more powerful Connect Amp in the near future? If yes, when? If not Why?

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7 replies

Sonos never discuss their future product plans. For higher power applications you'd be better off using a CONNECT with some serious third party amplification.
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Sonos don't publish this sort of roadmap

Personal view - There's unlikely to be a big enough market to justify
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I hope they just have some sort of roadmap... Competition is heavy!
I hope they just have some sort of roadmap... Competition is heavy!

Of course they have a roadmap but it'll never be made public, it would be crazy to tip off their competitors about what they're looking at.
Which of the "heavy" multiroom competition offers more powerful amplifiers?
If not Why?

Lack of interest, I assume... Not many people want it, and it's easily achievable by using a Connect into whatever amp/speaker system you like...
Sound levels depend on speaker sensitivity; those that need more from the Connect Amp can also be served by speakers that are more sensitive. Changing from a 84dB speaker to a 90dB one will do more for sound levels than doubling the 55wpc. And both sensitivity numbers quoted are common, not outliers.

My guess is that given the various valid options, there is the lack of interest referred, and indoors, the play units bonded to the Sub where needed can deliver more than adequate sound levels for almost any indoor application.