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  • 26 August 2016
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Exciting news everyone, a new audiobook service has joined us today with coming to Sonos Labs. You can stream and play your audiobooks through the service on your Sonos players.

For more details about the service please see their website here:

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9 replies

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Hi Ryan,

Definitely exciting news for all members.

Wondering if there is any update for people using Audible yet?

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Hi 1sidk, the status on Audible is currently the same, we're working with them still to bring a newly styled streaming service to Sonos. We'll be sure to let everyone know when there's an update. Thanks for asking!
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It's been a year. You can't be working that hard.
Hi Ryan, reference audible books, i just want to know when will be on sonos (it is an amazon company)
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Hi Guys, there is currently no news on Audible, aside from what is listed here. We will notify our customer base of any news if/when it becomes available.
Edward - I assume the "if/when" in your posting should read "when".

Could you confirm this please, just to prevent anyone thinking that there's a chance Audible support won't come back at all..

Based on Ryan's earlier comments which imply a solution is on the way, I bought Play1's for my kids rooms

Many thanks
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Apologies, turn of phrase and a poor one, at that. Yes, I certainly meant when. We will keep our customers informed.
Thanks Edward!
I am another Sonos customer that is VERY disappointed that books are not available through Sonos. Since it has been a year since the service was taken off sonos....I too question the priority that Sonos has set on this!