Audible on Sonos - Many New Locations

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Great news for Audible and Sonos owners! Starting today, Audible is now available in almost all countries around the world. Audible isn’t available on Sonos in Italy or Japan at this time.

Audible hosts the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, and now you can listen to any of those, out loud, in any room of your home on Sonos.

Catch up on a biography while you cook dinner in the kitchen or queue up a favorite in the living room with the family. We already have a few favorites we’ve been listening to, check them out here.

Find out more in our announcement for Audible on Sonos here.

Alexa voice control for Audible isn’t available on Sonos at this time, but it’s coming later this year. Stay tuned!

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Hi Jeff, do you have any insight or care to explain what it's really happening in regards to Audible Italy and Japan? Is this some sort of technical issue or what? Thank you.
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Hi docfuz, looks like you mostly got an answer from your post in the other thread, but I wanted to post here too just in case other's are looking. Account subscriptions in Italy and Japan are unique in the way they're licensed and handled on the server side. They work differently from the rest of the world and aren't compatible with the way our integration works with Audible right now. We know there's a lot of interest from these countries and are looking into it, but don't have any specifics to share on them coming to Sonos.
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Thank you for the clarification and the sad confirmation to what I was thinking 😕
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OK will remain stanby for Italy. I trust you’ll get us the service, eventually
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Hi there everybody, I got a little fed up with the wait for Audible to reach Italy and this morning I decided to make a little experiment on my own.
Went to my Sonos profile, changed my location to U.S., restarted the Sonos app and after a few minutes (not immediately) Audible showed up among my available services. I had an old US Amazon account from the days Amazon wasn’t available to Italy, registered audible to it and voilá, my complimentary audiobooks become available also on my Sonos system. All this in a matter of minutes.
This really points out how insignificant and outdated geo-fencing on digital copyrights has become. The world has changed, with the advent of digital products all those separate license issues have really become harder and harder to manage and turned into nothing more than a irritating glitch for the user. Welcome to globalization!
That is where we, not as Sonos customers but as consumers in general, should really fight our ultimate battle.

Just my 2 cents, greetings from Italy