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Starting today, Audible is now available on Sonos! You can now play from Audible on Sonos using the Sonos app or directly to Sonos players using the Audible app. Later this year, you’ll also be able to use Alexa to control what’s playing from Audible on Sonos.

Audible hosts the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, and now you can listen to any of those, out loud, in any room of your home on Sonos.  

Catch up on a biography while you cook dinner in the kitchen or queue up a favorite in the living room with the family. We already have a few favorites we’re planning to listen to this week, check them out here.    

To get started, just add Audible as a service to Sonos in the Sonos App by going More > Add a Service or play directly from the Audible App to Sonos. Once added, pick your favorite book and easily navigate chapters, or jump forward and backward by 30 seconds to skip parts or hear something again.

For more details on setting up Audible, please see our page here.

Audible will remember where you last were listening using your Audible app and you can pick right back up again on Sonos when you get home.

Audible is available on Sonos in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Canada.

Still want to read more? Check out our home page here.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No support for 90% of the worlds countries? So, no support for Norway... Are we seriously living in the 2000s? With DVD restrictions and that crap? Still with an ONLINE subscription service that I pay for I will not be able to use on my physical speakers that are 1 meters from me at this moment because of Country restrictions? Seriously are this some kind of joke?!
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How come not all countries, such as Sweden?
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WHY, WHY, WHY !!??

I have been waiting for two years for this to work again.
Today I finally saw what I have been waiting for "Audible is now available on Sonos".

But it is not!
- I live in Denmark, so Audible does not show up as a music service !? WTF!

Can someone at the right level at Sonos please pick up the phone and call the right people at Audible - Please fix this ASAP.
I have been an Audible member for the past 10 years, so I am pretty sure that streaming Audible content in Denmark works.

I'm sick and tired of waiting(!) - oh and while we wait a bit longer, please change the misleading headline to "Audible on Sonos - in a few countries".

Thank you.
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But Ryan that is simply not true.
I can listen to audible fine in Denmark, on my phone, on my computer, on a amazon echo, but not on sonos? And sonos isnt even he content provider? Why?
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Are you kidding me? I've been waiting for this for years and now my country (Denmark) isn't supported even though I can perfectly listen to audible on all of my other devices. That's simply ridiculous.
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Hey! Why isn’t Audible on SONOS available in Italy? I regularly pay an Audible subscription, I spent more than € 300 for my SONOS speaker. Why on earth shouldn’t I be treated like people in the rest of the world?! I’ve been waiting for this feature for almost two years, since you had announced it. You made us wait more than expected. What game are you playing?! I’m really disappointed with both SONOS and Audible.
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Well that's just very disappointing to be honest.

I recently joined the Sonos family, with one of the main reasons being the upcoming Audible support. But apparently being located in Denmark, leaves us without this feature.

It can't be due to Audible not available here, as I've been a member for years, with a 100+ books library. As an avid listener when commuting, Sonos would be perfect to continue listening when coming home - but alas.

Expanding my Sonos system to every room, has been put on hold now. I'm quite disappointed about this to be honest.
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Did someone say it was restricted? To 90% of countries?

There Are 197 countries in the world. This service works in 11 of them. And so is restricted from use in all the other countries. 95 % is more correct however. Dumbed it down enough for you?
Geeh.. Please make audible work in all regions (especially Sweden! ?). Please give an official statement in regards to this.
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Hello Ryan,

Thank you, however Audible works fine in Sweden already today so I am not entirely sure why Sonos would have to even consider it. If my account at Amazon allows me to connect it will only show titles my region allows.
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I have a US and a UK account under the same account name - when I first login and click on Audible, I see and, and both have my books under each section - great! However, when I start to listen to one, if I go back to audible later, it goes directly to the region that book is in and I can't change region and go to the other region. I can't add a second account as sonos says that account is already added. Is there a way to force sonos to not remember the region, or to allow me to change it without having to remove and re-add audible to sonos?
As another affected user (from Sweden) I can only agree with the other guys comments here: You are restricting the Audible service more than Audible themselves are doing and that is very dissapointing.
Audible already enforces regional limits. I have myself encountered books that I found on their site, that I then was unable to purchase after logging in. Entirely because of licensing restrictions. I have however successfully purchased and enjoyed literally hundreds of books from them.
My main point is: It is impossible for me as an Audible customer to listen to books that I am not allowed to listen to in my country. I would not able to purchase them otherwise.
Meaning: Sonos should reasonably not have to enforce **any** regional limitations on top of this. As long as Sonos makes sure to only stream books that in fact are in the user's Audible library of purchased books, there should be no problem. And I'm pretty sure Audible's APIs are making sure that the user has indeed purchased the book before granting access to it.

Sonos, you really should sort this out. As others here have indicated: Me purchasing additional Sonos speakers in the future will be entirely dependent on whether you can provide the services I expect. I expect Audible. Otherwise there are other speakers that will provide what I want.
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I may be wrong, but doesn't SONOS just provide the platform? Don't the streaming services themselves dictate what is able to play on SONOS products? If that is the case, then criticisms and complaints should be directed at Audible.
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Hi everyone, exciting news for you. Starting today Audible is available on Sonos in The Netherlands in addition to the countries above. I'll be editing the list to include that location. As soon as we have more news as Audible expands to more countries on Sonos we'll be letting you know. Thanks for your patience and if you have a book to recommend feel free to share it here.
Hi Ryan,
Please help me understand what the issue is here, I've read through most of the comments here and it seems to me you are for some reason reluctant to simply say why this is taking time.
Perhaps it would help calm the community if you could go through what the process of clearing a country entails?
I've been subscribed to Audible for years now in my country and I can listen to it on all my devices except Sonos.

Part of the Sonos community is feeling left out (even discriminated against) and it is causing a lot anger. Please just be honest and make it clear why this is taking time. Even better make an implementation plan with goals and share it with the community to show that you care.

I was in touch with Audible about this and they confusingly told me it should already be available.

Thanks from Iceland
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Hi everyone, in case you missed it, yesterday Audible went live in many new regions for Sonos. See here for the announcement. It's not available on Sonos everywhere, but many of the places you've been asking about.
Great news but although I can play from the Sonos app on iOS, it doesn't connect from Audible app. Tried uninstalling Sonos and Audible apps but no luck. Can see list of devices but does not connect.
Hi. I have a US and a UK amazon/audible account. I need my UK account to be active on Sonos. Both accounts have the same username. When I try to add the service it defaults to US and I cannot see anyway to add UK. Please help. Thank you.
On the playing screen, should show up if your phone is on WiFi.

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wds - oh stop yourself with all that reasonable thinking .... you must be on the wrong board.
Very happy audible is back however for most titles I increase the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 at times, CAN YOU PLEASE ENABLE THIS FUNCTION ON SONOS? It is now grayed this something being worked on?

Agreed, I use this all the time too...really hoping it gets enabled!
Hi I have been with audible since before Amazon took over. When i try to link sonos to audible I'm not able to login using my audible username. It forces me to use my amazon account details ( which has no books associated with it). Is there a way around this?

If you’re a long-time Audible user, you’ll need to link your Audible and Amazon accounts together before you can add it to Sonos. Learn how to link the accounts here.
For the scandinavians out there. I also could not setup Audible through the sonos app. So i changed the country in my sonos app, restarted the app and viola Audible available as service.
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Hi docfuz, thanks for sharing what you've heard from the Italy team at Audible. I just responded to your question in the other thread, but to clarify, account subscriptions in Italy and Japan are unique in the way they're licensed and handled on the server side at Audible. They work differently from the rest of the world and aren't compatible with the way our integration works with Audible right now. We know there's a lot of interest from these countries and are looking into it, but don't have any specifics to share on them coming to Sonos.
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Did someone say it was restricted? To 90% of countries?