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I have a US and a UK account under the same account name - when I first login and click on Audible, I see and, and both have my books under each section - great! However, when I start to listen to one, if I go back to audible later, it goes directly to the region that book is in and I can't change region and go to the other region. I can't add a second account as sonos says that account is already added. Is there a way to force sonos to not remember the region, or to allow me to change it without having to remove and re-add audible to sonos?

Seems to be an issue for other users too. I have same login/passwords for audible/amazon US and AU. When I add Audible initially it shows all countries as options, and I can then access my libraries in the US and AU. However, Sonos soon reverts to US only access - the other country options are no longer displayed. Appears to be a bug - when will this get fixed?

Yep, I have the same issue: I have US and a UK audible accounts. When I first add the audible music service I can swap between libraries. But once Ive picked a book there’s no way back to the other marketplaces. You also can’t simply add the second marketplace as a separate account. The work around is to remove the audible service and re-add it to once again get a choice of marketplace.

However, as pointed out by “chicks” earlier in the thread, you can also cast from your phone, so I can have the Sonos signed into the uk marketplace and choose from all my uk books, but cast a US book straight to the Sonos zone if I have that book downloaded onto my phone.

So, its not the end of the world, but would be nice to see it fixed.
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Hi everyone, for those looking forward to Alexa control of Audible on Sonos, it's now available today on Sonos Ones. For more details, see our announcement here.