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Android Devices no longer able to join SonosNet

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With Sonos version 10.2, Android devices will be unable to connect directly to the Sonos mesh wireless that is created when you have a Sonos player wired into the network. This network is called SonosNet, and there was a setting within Settings > Advanced Settings which had to be turned on, and allowed you to use Android devices on the Sonos mesh network.

If you’ve used your Android device on the Sonos network, you’ll need to connect to the main house wireless instead to control Sonos using that device.

If you’re in need of extending your home wireless network, you may want to investigate a stronger router, or a household wireless mesh network that can support all of your devices.

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So disappointed in Ryan's corporate 'We're always looking to improve things' 'answer'. 😞
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We’re always evaluating how we can deliver the best listening experience to everyone using Sonos. This involves making regular changes to our platform that allow for new features and capabilities to be added over time. We do know some people have been using this feature, but ultimately we had to make the decision to remove it.

If you have any trouble with using Sonos after extending wireless networks or with using wireless access points, our support team is happy to assist, so please do feel free to contact us.

Getting a better router in the house, or using wireless access points/mesh networks is a great way to strengthen your home network for all devices you might want to use with Sonos.

"We do know some people have been using this feature, but ultimately we had to make the decision to remove it."

SOME people... I belive that almost everyone is (was) using this fantastic feature. Why? whats the problem for you?

I will NEVER EVER buy your products again. That was a really appreciated feature!

I have seven of them in and around the house.
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With Sonos version 10.2, Android devices will be unable to connect directly to the Sonos mesh wireless

Why this sudden deterioration of service?
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Don't need baseless guesses, just a Sonos answer. I know you're desperate to feel the need to justify things for them but give them a chance. Staggered you didn't insist it must be an Google enforcement and it 'must' be out of Sonos's control. Such things are usually attributed to Google or Amazon.

If it was anything like your guess it could easily be overcome with a simple limitation of concurrently connected devices.

  • Dear melvimbe local superstar.
  • Though I do respect your views, or I would not be replying, you have missed the point entirely. We purchased something with certain attributes because of those very same attributes. They have been removed without our consent. You may, as interestingly you already have, spout legalese about Sonos's software license agreement etc etc, but the facts remain that they have taken away something we implicitly purchased.

I got your point. You don't like this change and expressing your frustration, hopefully to get Sonos to reverse the decision. My point was that Sonos did not need your consent to change functionality. And yes, you did implicitly purchase the functionality, but that implicity is just one of may factors in the decision, not an overriding one. Your leverage as a customer against this change is to make your frustration known, which you've done, and then decide whether you want to continue being a Sonos customer or not.

Ill repeat again that I'm not challenging your frustration about the feature. Just stating how Sonos has more to consider than just yours and other frustration about the matter.

  • This is not meant as an insult at all, but you are obviously so over the moon with Sonos that you come across as an apologist for them. 3652 replies...about a simple wireless speaker system? Do you work for them?

Sonos staff are clearly marked as staff members. So no, I'm not. Whether I like the product or not is irrelevant to whether what I've stated is correct or incorrect.

  • Anyway, I've said my piece as have many others in this blog. Please Sonos, re-instate this service. You wont be hearing from me again...unless it's a big thank you for doing so. It's all in the name...kiss. You probably missed that subtlety Melvimbe. Maybe in the next life.

I don't typically pay much attention to people's user names or look for hidden acronyms there in. So you're correct that I didn't notice that. I also don't typically try and invalidate others statements and opinions, instead of taking what was stated on it's own merit.

And this isn't a blog.
I don't really bother much about the cause for the removal of this feature. If it really caused trouble it'd still have been an option to inform ppl about it and trust they can make their own decision to disable it or live with potential side effects.

It's actually sad Sonos gets worse and worse, removing this amazing feature is just another step into "applefying" the service. It almost feels like disrespect for Android users who've been providing very valuable feedback in the past.

"Buy a new router"- honestly, what kind of an answer is this? Next time something doesn't work we'll be told to "buy an iPhone"!
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What's the benefit of removing it??

No user benefits from this decision, most probably the only one benefitting is Sonos. Just as their recent decision to remove all management facilities from the desktop controller: not a single user befitted from this decision, but Sonos probably did. For Sonos user satisfaction no longer comes first these days.
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How did you know at this point that the feature even exists? It has never been advertised.

You are either mistaken or lie on purpose?

This was a feature brought in around the time they stopped selling the cr200 - which if you don't get the coincidence, the cr200 connected directly to sonosnet. So this feature allowed people to add players and controllers without WiFi as they had from with the original Sonos hardware controls which people had been doing since 2005.

So yes this was an advertised feature. Insructions on how to use this have been in the official Sonos Android Controller user manual for some time. I have a manual from 2015 and it's on the first page FFS.
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As an android user who has been using Sonosnet for years and specifically bought a boost so I could use and control my Sonos in my garage to say I am upset is an understatement . First my dedicated controllers are bricked so I adapted to using my phone by using the dedicated Sonos network, now this has been taken off me I can no longer control my garage zone unless I go back into the house and change it there. Could Sonos explain what I am to do next and why after 13 years of support of Sonos products what area of functionality will be taken off us next? I am not being facicious but would like an honest answer on what I am to expect and how I am expected to restore a basic level of functionality back to my system.
I also find this very frustrating. I live in a block of flats with multiple routers/cordless phones/sources of interference that I have no control over. Being able to switch my router broadcasting off and being able to connect to sonosnet helped with this a great deal. I will now have to struggle with an AP point plugged into the distant ZP and suffer the constant dropping etc. I had before.

I was sold on Sonos 10years ago, with the promise of the product 'constantly improving'.

3 big issues I have with this statement.

My original Sonos controller, the CR100 is no longer supported. Now a paper weight. This was a premium device and still looked and preformed as new. Now obsolete.

Android app when 1st launched was great for a number of years. Then the interface was refreshed. The refresh made the complete experience a nightmare. Options were hidden away/everything required additional clicks from an additional menu from another layered menu and the interface was pretty much unusable/competely non intuitive. From being perfect to unusable in 1 update. In my opinion the app is still not as good as it waspre this update dispite the additional functionallity that's been included now. Much of which I have no use or care for.

Removal of the connection to sonosnet feature.

I'm so disappointed by this, it might be the nail in the coffin for my system. I'm most peeved off there was no warning. At least when the CR100 was removed there was a clear message before updating the software. This time I had no opportunity to not accept the update.

I will have to reconfigure an access point and have another electrical device switched on 24/7.

Not happy about this Sonos....not happy.
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I'm astonished that such functionality and key Android ability/advantage is being removed and a reason would be great.

It's interesting that this will probably mean lots of controllers may now be unable to connect to the system - and one of the proposed 'solutions' has often caused many connectivity issues itself.
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Don't need baseless guesses, just a Sonos answer.

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I'd be happy to get a notice a couple days before the update goes live, simply saying what functionality will be removed by the upcoming update. Give me a chance to block updates until I have a work-around in place for anything I use that is going missing.

On the other hand watching nice to have stuff getting removed convinces me more than ever that RAM and ROM in the older devices is at capacity and something has to give to make room for newer stuff.
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People are welcome to speculate on reasons, but we aren't always able to verify or give full accounting for changes.

Sure you're able to give the reasons for eliminating Android access to SonosNet. You choose not to. Sure you're able to give full accounting for changes. You choose not to. Please don't hide behind semantics and answer my original question: why did Sonos eliminate Android access to SonosNet?
I have one Sonos device wired, the rest, as I said, are placed close enough either side of the walls that they can propagate the mesh network successfully (the numbers on the matrix aren't great but they're good enough). The router signal from the living room disappears as soon as you cross the hall into the dining room.

As to the other suggestions, well this is rather the point, previously Sonos gave me everything I needed, we don't have smart TVs outside of the living room, we don't have any Apple devices, the only thing we used were our Android phones, so it was ideal. Now I have to plan a replacement, sort out wiring, installation and, obviously, spend no little amount of money to replace what I had with Sonos yesterday.

I also can't use Powerline extenders, our house is old and has been wired in two stages, resulting in separate circuits from one end of the house to the other, there's no physical connection between them.

I've had Sonos a long time, I haven't been here for a while but I was one of the rabid evangelists for many years. This is the first time I've ever been genuinely disappointed by Sonos.
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"Buy a new router"- honestly, what kind of an answer is this? Next time something doesn't work we'll be told to "buy an iPhone"!Honestly - Sonos is not in charge of improving your home network, that's your own responsibility.

That is absolutely true, but... One of the reasons I chose sonos was because they offered this feature, and now it's gone. Of course users will be heavily affected and therefor also a bit angry

So as a customer you would had to find it out for yourself - after the purchase, most likely per chance by browsing through the Android app.
It is quite possible that there are some customers that bought after browsing these boards. Rare examples, but very possible.

Interestingly, I was advised by Sonos Support to use this facility when I had a problem a few years ago.....!!!
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But its ok it was a "hidden" feature not advertised right?

Yeah "hidden" and "never advertised". This feature was the FOTM back in the day, people have short or selective memories. From the 3.7 release notes:



Android smartphones and tablets can now use the SonosNet wireless mesh network to connect to Sonos and the Internet. With SonosNet you can:

  • Enjoy superior wireless range and coverage for your Android devices at home instead of relying on your home WiFi network
  • Get to the music faster with improved wireless performance on your Android devices

I've repurposed a travel router as an AP in place of this feature, but still not impressed with the removal.
Dear Sonospeople,

Thanks to your latest update, which only someone like Einstein can see the reasoning behind, my new sonosboost has been made redundant, by you.

So way to go with this sonossuicide.

But I must admit that yes, we all have thouroughly enjoyed sonosnet for a whole day or two which is something like a sonosblessing I guess. The relieve of total control was so intense but yet so freaking short. Why oh why dear Sonospeople?!

So now my dear Sonospeople you have forced me to do what I should have done in the first place. Our latest new accespoint is great. We all have regained control over our controllers again and now the sonosboost hangs on the wall like a sore appendix.

We all now have forgotten what it's for. And seeing what your latest update has caused over here you too must have totally forgotten that some of your clients actually were happy with it.
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Ok, this change is understood, but you don’t hint at why this change has been made.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a little reasoning behind these kinds of changes, so the inevitable question is ....... why ??

andrew S
Stupid question alert... if the Android device I've been using as a Sonos controller is currently connected to my main WiFi, this change does not modify anything, correct?

Correct. This feature was disabled by default anyway.
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Notwithstanding the addition of Google assistant, as an occasional user of this feature this sucks 🖕
Don't need baseless guesses, just a Sonos answer. I know you're desperate to feel the need to justify things for them but give them a chance. Staggered you didn't insist it must be an Google enforcement and it 'must' be out of Sonos's control. Such things are usually attributed to Google or Amazon.

If it was anything like your guess it could easily be overcome with a simple limitation of concurrently connected devices.

You know Sonos is not going to give you an actual explanation. However, if I wish to guess, it was probably eliminated for the same reason other things are eliminated; the low memory capabilities on the decade+ old Sonos players means some features need to be compromised or the units need to be retired. I'm sure the number of customers connecting to Sonosnet is dwarfed by the number of owners of the original ZP units, so a decision was made.
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I've removed some needless posts in here. Let's please remember to keep things friendly or we will have to close the thread.You forgot the one by the mind reader above this one.
That post has been edited, the remaining content is fine. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about moderation actions.

Nah I'm good your preference and bias is transparent based on what you do and don't edit regardless of the forum rules.

I don't know of a single feature that has been brought back, so the alternate solutions path is almost certainly the only way ahead.Dear Sonos decision makers, there are 270k people who are on this blog, many of whom, including myself, purchased their Sonos systems when it was a simple and very expedient way to access AND CONTROL their music around the house.

Where did you get the 270k number from? Why does the number even matter when it doesn't say anything about the number of people in this forum who use and want this feature to continue?

Any house, no matter the wall thickness. There must be many many thousands more who are not reading these messages but are surely upset that they can no longer access the Sonos net with their phones around their propereties that have wifi router blackspots.

Pretty sure Sonos has data that gives them a pretty good idea of how many people use this feature, and that was factored into the decision. They certainly cannot fully measure the impact it has on customers and how it will it effect their purchasing decision, but I would guess they have a pretty good idea.

You have moved the goalposts and severly diminished the regard which many of us held for your product. Your never ending software updates, adding more and more options, obviously have now reached the point where you need to delete, what to your thoughts, are marginally useful aspects of the original system. The issue here is that the original system is what we purchased. If you feel the need to continually add so many options to the system, then introduce them with new product. NOT MINE!!!!!

While understandable that you purchased the system with the functionality would not change with time, the reality is that other products and the environment that Sonos operates in does change in time, and Sonos must change in order to remain operational at all. As well, Sonos has also told us that they will add new features to older units when possible. So while you're not happy with changes, there are others who are welcoming them as this is what they bought the unit for.

There certainly are product lines out there where instead of expanding/modifying the existing products, they seem discontinue the line and start all over...forcing customers to scrap their investment and start over if the want new products and features. And this certainly is preferable to people who don't want changes (until product support runs out) or are happy to scrap their current speakers. Sonos is taking a different approach and allow customers to maintain their investment while benefiting from new products and features....with mixed results.

May I suggest that you listen to the people on this blog...we are the ones who take the trouble to give you feedback. You have the obligation to listen and return this much missed function. WHICH WE PAID FOR!!! Please act.

I'm sure you won't like it, but the software license agreement doesn't say they are obliged to listen and retain all original features no matter what. What it does say is they can make changes as they see fit at any time. Of course it good business to provide features customers want whenever reasonable and feasible. And I personally agree that the volume of unpopular changes is really straining the customer relationship lately. But it's not a matter of legal responsibility as it is giving customers motivation to consider other options with their future purchase, even when those other options don't provide the features their looking for.