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Android Devices no longer able to join SonosNet

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The WiFi in my house is not reliable ( I have purchased multiple new routers and an extender, to little avail). Therefore, the only reliable way for me to access Sonos is via SonosNet. I still use a Cr200 controller (because the iPhone app was never able to connect to SonosNet). I am now afraid that my old Cr200 controller, which is no longer sold, will become dysfunctional, so I was thinking of getting a cheap android phone as a controller. And then I found this thread letting me know that's no longer a possibility. I have invested a lot in my Sonos system (I have 7 or 8 different pieces, plus two controllers). I am extremely disappointed to hear that I may soon no longer be able to reliably access my system. I have tried the iPhone app, and it has been very unreliable and glitchy in my house -- I suspect it's because it uses wifi. So -- SONOS -- if you no longer make the Cr200, and if you have now discontinued the ability for mobile devices to connect to SonosNet: What do you recommend for loyal users who don't have good wifi?
@yakboy Is the TL-WA860RE explicitly configured for access point mode? The symptoms suggest it could be in its standard extender mode, in which case the garage unit will be connecting back to the rest of the system via a roundabout WiFi path.
Just registering my discontent with the inability to connect my Android device (Kindle Fire) to Sonosnet, which I had been using as a controller for my outdoor speakers. I live in a stucco house and have good Wi-Fi indoors but poor coverage outdoors. I have a Connect Amp mounted inside the house on the rear wall with wired speakers outside on the deck. Using the Fire on Sonosnet, I could easily control the system when outside - not so well with any device connected to my Wi-Fi.

So, I guess I'll have to go to a mesh Wi-Fi setup, but if I do, why even bother with the Boost I have?
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With a mesh WiFi setup your Boost is going to be a real problem avoider, all the stuff you got it for in the first place plus all the WiFi mesh issues you'll be adding.
What a silly thing to do. It totally undermines one of the best features of Sonos.

I have a single router at one end of the house and 12 Sonos devices. My Android can (excuse me, could) connect to the mesh net with no signal loss, and now when I'm in my home office... Nothing. Why do this? It makes no sense. No argument can support removing something so simple that needs no support. You're degrading the service without any need. Please revert this change.

Why do this? Because the older Sonos units are very limited in memory and processor power, and in order to add features that will be used by a large portion of the market (i.e. Google Assistant), they had to remove features that were not used as much. The other option would be to retire the older units, like what they did with the CR100. That thread hit 130 pages. This one is on 5.
What a crock! Windbag of an answer out of support after resetting controllers, restarting equipment, and searching for a reason things no longer work. I used to recommend Sonos but, typical stuff. Too bad

Now i'll have Sonos Mesh Net Channel 1, Home wifi channel 6 with Mutiple AP's, Sky Q channel 11. My neighbours will love me... and the stupid thing is all but 1 of my units are hardwired ethernet...

Just curious: why so many channels then, if hardwiring dominates?
As long as the masses, not the individuals, demand expansion of the capabilities of the Sonos system, this kind of thing will happen. It's both the benefit and curse of using software driven devices.
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Turning off the radios has been available for many years, it was recently even added under Advanced Room Settings.

Other than that.... Me too.
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Now i'll have Sonos Mesh Net Channel 1, Home wifi channel 6 with Mutiple AP's, Sky Q channel 11. My neighbours will love me... and the stupid thing is all but 1 of my units are hardwired ethernet...

Just curious: why so many channels then, if hardwiring dominates?

As upto now I have always been using the sonos net to control the sonos system, I've only recently moved into a house that has allowed me to have everything hardwired as it has cat-6 throughout, Of course I was using my PC and the room settings are not in there, so from my tiny phone screen I've found how to turn off the wifi, so will checkout my mesh network report and start turning wifi off,

I've even worked out how to turn off my Sky-Q wifi in a hidden menu (Why hide it!) so that should help too.

I have my new Tp-Link Extenders and configured as access points, so hopefully I can now reach the locations I need to re-gain control of my Sonos System properly.

Ho hum another Sunday afternoon doing home IT...
No apparent advatages? Well there is still SonosNet. And great sounding speakers. And a huge range of streaming services, multi platform voice control...
Hello Ryan S.,

you don't tell us why this capability was cut. I for myself guess, that it could be the NSA which asked Sonos for all data that's going over the SonosNet. In this case I suggest to modify the Sonos App in the following way: Users can only reach their own equipments or the Sonos update server over their mesh-net - but reach no other web address!

I for myself miss the deleted function very much!