Amazon Music Now Available in Sonos Public Beta

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We’re excited to announce that Amazon Music is now entering public beta on Sonos. We’ve had a great partner in Amazon with Amazon Music (now named Amazon Music Library on Sonos), cloud streaming for your music library. We’re very pleased to improve that framework with access to the full Amazon Music streaming service.

Amazon Music is available in the United States, free for all Amazon Prime subscribers. The service includes Prime Stations, professionally curated playlists, and full access to their on demand music library of artists, albums, and songs.

You can read more about adding your Amazon Prime account and using the new service here. Please note that Amazon Music Library is still available as a service, Amazon Music will be available as well if you’re on the public beta.

Find out more about Amazon Music on Sonos on our blog here:

Please note, the Sonos public beta is available for Android, Mac and Windows PC controllers only. Though iOS controllers will be able to play music with the new Amazon Music service, you will need to use a different controller to add the service to Sonos once you're on beta. The iOS controllers will have limited settings since they can't update. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Amazon music and the streaming service is available in the UK, and has been since early summer. Is it also available via Sonos in the UK?
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+1 for UK support
+1 for Amazon Prime UK support. Would be good to know timeline ASAP.
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I would also like to see this working in the UK.
Please keep us updated as to when this will be available for UK Prime customers. It will be a good addition as Prime is now extremely popular in the UK.
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Amazon music and the streaming service is available in the UK, and has been since early summer. Is it also available via Sonos in the UK?

Amazon Music is only available on Sonos in the US. We're working to bring Amazon Prime Music to Sonos in the countries it's streaming in for the future, but we don't have a timeframe to announce currently. We'll let everyone know when there's news to share.
Please can we have more info on when this will come to the UK? Is there a reason why we need to wait?
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unlike consumers, Sonos can push the source partner.

Sonos doesn't determine availability. The source partner does.

+1 for UK support please!
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I'm sure the application development went like this.

Sonos: Thank you amazon for working with us in getting prime service added to our services.
Amazon: No problem, we are glad we could help our customers who wanted a better way to play prime music.
Sonos: We have one problem.
Amazon: What's that?
Sonos: You have it where it works in all countries. We really don't like that. I mean really do all our customers need this ability.
Amazon: So what do you propose.
Sonos: Well can you just limit it to the US. I mean those other countries they probably have no need for it.
Amazon: Ok I guess we are ok with it but please call us if you change your mind later and your customers complain.
Sonos: Ok maybe if they +1 a thread like a million times we will change our mind.

Just to ensure that Amazon knew I wanted this available on Sonos in the UK I sent the following to Amazon yesterday:
"Can you please let me know when Amazon Prime Music streaming will be available in the UK to stream via my Sonos system. It has recently become available via Sonos in the US, but enquiries to Sonos as to its availability in the UK are referred back saying that this depends on Amazon. "

Their response was as follows: " I understand you want to have the prime music on Sonos system.

Prime Music is not available on the Sonos platform / Roku platform / Samsung TV app / Samsung speaker system at this time. I'm very sorry for this inconvenience.

At this time we are unable to predict when this will be available on Sonos systems so unfortunately I have no further information available at this time.

It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of shopping at Customer feedback like yours really helps us continue to improve our digital music service. I've passed your input to the Amazon Music team for consideration as we make future improvements.

You can access Prime Music on Fire Tablets (running Fire OS 4.0 or above), Fire phone, iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets (v. 4.0 and above), Amazon Music for PC and Mac, and the website. Playback of Prime Music already in your music library is available on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Thanks for taking the time to contact us and to bring this to our attention.

Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this matter. We hope to see you again soon."

So reading the tea leaves (the unspecific comments on the part of Sonos and Amazon) I have very little doubt we will get this in the UK, when is complete guess work, but given the lag between Amazon Music Library being available in the US and in the UK I'm going for some time next summer.
+1 for Amazon Prime Music on Sonos in UK. Come on Sonos/ Amazon team, logical aint it to role this across countries and not just US given you have customers across the globe!!
+1 for Prime Music in the UK.

I'm new to sonos, but I've previously been streaming amazon prime music to my Hi-fi via a fire stick. Not being able to listen to it on the sonos is a major negative for me.
Another +1 from the UK. I am not buying a single Sonos product until I can play Amazon Prime music.
Another +1 to keep pushing Amazon for UK Prime Music please.
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We wanted to update everyone here that Amazon Music for Prime subscribers is now available on Sonos in new countries, now including the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. Take a look here for more details.
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My post is back, the announcement is also up. Sorry for any confusion.
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Stop being so pedandic about country support. While Amazon Music is not launched globally, you can still use it in countries that are not officially launched.

I can use the Amazon Music Android app and also Apps on other platforms. But Sonos has to put geo blocks in? why when Amazon doesnt even put geo blocks in?

Just open it up for everyone to use.:@
unlike consumers, Sonos can push the source partner.

+1 for UK support please!

You don't see the sheer, unadulterated irony in this post?
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There seems to be a degree of assumption as to where the hold up is. It is surely quite simple.... Either Sonos say it is an Amazon hold up or Amazon say it is down to Sonos. Without either explaining why its not available, why wouldnt consumers petition both parties, which I have. It is in Sonos's best interest to encourage their service partners to ensure they both maintain market share.

It's always great asking both of us just to make sure to be covered on both sides. We like knowing what you'd like to see for the future and we do communicate that over to our service partners when it involves them. We don't have any news right now on getting UK (or other countries) Amazon Music on Sonos, but we'll let you know as soon as we have anything to share.

Thanks for asking!
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Thanks Kenv - we know Sonos is aware. Those type emails to Amazon are needed certainly.
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Amazon Prime Music now available on Sonos in the UK. Works ok, only purchased much though. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

I think you may be confusing Amazon Music with Amazon Prime Music.

1) Amazon Music works on Sonos UK and you can stream mp3s you have purchased on Amazon or where you have bought the CD often you have free access to the mp3 version.

2) Amazon Prime Music does NOT work on Sonos UK - So you CANNOT stream music you haven't purchased on Amazon or access Amazon Prime Music playlists.

We don't when or even if Sonos and Amazon UK will get into bed together and make sweet music on this.
I +1 support for the addition of this service to the UK, pointing out that Sonos are losing potential customers due to the lack of it.
Your comments add little value to this conversation.
This is absolutely ridiculous. SONOS players are selling like mad in the UK. Amazon Prime is selling like mad in the UK. Amazon and SONOS have committed to a joint venture for US customers. Both companies are not delivering the level of services expected within the UK market place. If is not fixed in the next few months I will be dropping my Amazon prime account and will not be purchasing any more SONOS devices. Communication by both companies to their customers has been abysmal on this important issue. Providing a huge new music streaming services without including support from the major streaming device manufacturers is simply incompetence.
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I emailed Amazon UK a few days ago and asked about this omission and they haven't even given me the courtesy of a reply.

Unusual behaviour by Amazon who are usually very quick to reply and attempt a resolution.

I wonder if the agreed policy is just to not comment anymore as the reply will appear discriminatory to the UK customer base of both companies.

Very disappointed in both.
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What is Sonos expected to do other than continually ask Amazon to work out their legal issues in making available in other parts of world?