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Starting today, Deezer is now playing to Sonos with Alexa!

Deezer offers over 53 million tracks at your fingertips. You can enjoy songs selected from their library, or enjoy an almost endless selection of playlists, mixes, albums. Deezer is also the only music streaming service with Flow, your personal soundtrack. More on Deezer and Sonos can be found here.

With Deezer on Amazon Alexa, you can now simply ask for your music. For a full list of the voice commands for Deezer on Alexa, see here. Try it out with something unique to Deezer:

"Alexa, play my Flow."

Alexa can play songs by name or album, start and stop music, play genres and artist radios. For more details on Sonos control through Alexa, you can take a look at our page here. You can start Flow and play your favorites, all without lifting a finger.

To get started, add Deezer as a service to Sonos in the Sonos App (if you haven't yet) by going More > Add a Service. Then, go to the Alexa app and add Deezer under Music and Books and select Deezer to add the skill. You can also use the steps here to set Deezer as your default music service. Deezer can't be made default service for the US at this time.

Deezer on Amazon Alexa through Sonos will be available where Alexa and Sonos are supported together, currently the US, UK, Germany, and Canada. In Autumn this year (in Australia), Alexa is coming to Sonos players for Australia and New Zealand.

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Yep, great service. Couple of things to note; will stream at 320K or less when started via Alexa, even with a HiFi subscription. As Ratty noted elsewhere, starting your Flow is done by asking Alexa to “play some music”. In the US, you can’t (yet) set Deezer as your default service in the Alexa app, so need to append “from Deezer” to each startup command.
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Good callouts, chicks.

Alexa will play Deezer in 320 kbps AAC/MP3 formats, not FLAC. This doesn't change based on account type. A stream started using the Sonos app will be at the higher quality formats which you can then change to the next queued track, or skip songs using Alexa. Along with the other Alexa standard controls.

As you noted, you can't add it as a default service in the US just yet, but you should be able to get the Flow playing with "Alexa, play Flow on Deezer". The “Alexa, play some music on Deezer.” command will also start your flow.
“Play my Flow” starts songs by some group named “Cali Flow Latino”. Ratty’s method has the desired effect.
Alexa seems to be wising up. "Play Flow" now behaves as desired, maybe because I asked her a couple of times for "Flow on Deezer". (Deezer is set as my default music service.) The backstop is indeed "play some music".
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Works very well but unfortunately does not play flac. Hopefully this will come in time. Does anyone know the command to play artist mix?
Interesting. Can play at least one album, possibly others, from Deezer via the Sonos app that is greyed out in the Deezer app, and won't show up in an Alexa search of Deezer. (Emotional Dance by Andrea Motis, a young Spanish jazz phenom). Has Deezer licensed certain albums only for play via Sonos? Very strange.
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That's a good question. I'll check in to see if I can get a specific answer for you, but my first thought is that there is only a FLAC version of those albums, which isn't available through Alexa, but it would be through Sonos. As far as I know, there aren't any songs that are licensed for play only on certain devices, like Sonos.
The FLAC version would play via the Deezer app, though, but it’s greyed out there. Please don’t ask Deezer and screw up a good thing, lol.
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The FLAC version would play via the Deezer app, though, but it’s greyed out there. Please don’t ask Deezer and screw up a good thing, lol.
You're correct, I must have misread your first question. I didn't catch that it was greyed out in Deezer and thought you were seeing it grey in the Alexa app.
I'm having a problem with playlists/flow
using the commands
1) alexa play playlist on
2) alexa play some music on

with command 1 it is a bit hit and miss if alexa finds the play list on deezer but if it does it only plays one track then stops however if I send the command to alexa to play the list on it's internal speaker, it plays the entire list.

with command 2 alexa finds 'flow on deezer' and you guessed it only plays one track however playing flow to alexas speaker just plays the flow.

So have I set something up wrong or have I found an issue ?
Does this work on the dot? I’m looking at putting some around the house but confused on functionality between Sonos One and Amazon Dot at the moment.
No it does not work with dot however it works with sonos beam