Will Sonos have Alexa-free or Alexa-disabled software updates?

  • 8 October 2017
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I have no interest in Alexa and will not buy the related hardware products. I want to keep my current Sonos system running smoothly. I did not download the Beta, because as the forum has shown, Betas have bugs, lots of them. My questions, is Alexa forever embedded in my future software upgrades? Did the beta have any security/performance upgrades important to my non-Alexa system? Will future software upgrades all require me to include Alexa or can I disable Alexa? Help me decide how to best keep my current non-Alexa system current and secure.

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2 replies

The Sonos update is a general release, it is the Alexa Sonos skill that is a beta.* If you do not enable the Sonos skill via the Alexa app, you are not participating in any beta. Furthermore, the Alexa Sonos skill is 100% voluntary for the current and future Sonos hardware, you will never be forced to enable it, or any other voice control service. In addition, Sonos stated that the microphones in future devices like the Sonos One are hardwired to the LEDs and it is therefore impossible for them to listen in without lighting the LED array, unless you physically open the device and desolder the links. As to security or other updates, the only security changes pertain only to systems with the Alexa skill enabled. These were published far ahead of the Alexa beta, for they were part of the last update a few months back.

I hope this info eases your worries.

*More info about Sonos betas. Beta software is only downloadable from the Sonos beta site, and iOS apps are not eligible for public betas. If the recent update was a beta, it would not be available in the Apple Store or Google Play. That's how you can be sure it is a wholly baked general release.
thanks for comprehensive answer.