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  • 27 April 2018
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Hi guys,
I've a big investment in Sonos (Playbar, Sub, Gen 1 Play 5, 3x Play 3 and a handful of Play 1's) (Note: No new generation devices capable of voice recognition here). I'm based in the UK.
I'm an Apple Music subscriber with no desire to sign up for any other services.
We also have two Amazon Dots that we use for home automation and very limited Sonos music control.

With the recent announcement of AirPlay 2 support, I'm disappointed to see that my devices won't support this without the addition of a new generation Play 1 or Play 5.

So, should I:
- Wait for Sonos/Apple Music/ Amazon to launch Apple Music support via an Alexa skill? (@Ryan - is this ever coming or is it completely ruled out?)
- Buy a new generation device for AirPlay 2 support?
- Just forget all about voice control completely and stick with the clunky app!?

Love my Sonos setup, so no question of me switching to another provider. But I do feel that as an Apple Music subscriber using "old" Sonos kit, we're missing out on the voice control capabilities.

Any thoughts appreciated, particularly from Sonos staff who might be able to shed any light on the Apple Music Alexa support question.

Thanks all,


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7 replies

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Voice control with Sonos and apple music is possible actually. It a bit annoying to set up. And it will only work for playlist and radio stations.i do it with apple music and my play 3 pair. You just have to have a old phone or tablet that stays home all the time on wifi. And set up a bunch of routines with yonomi app.

The airplay 2 we all have to wait to see what the exact path will be.
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Thanks. Airplay 2 is a non starter for me due to none of my Sonos devices being able to support it. Can you give me a link to the Yonomi routines you refer to? I’d like to investigate it further.
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I also setup routine, so I can adjust the volume level. I set them up by 2 level increments. So I have 50 routines, so it is annoying to setup.
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Ok thanks. Feels like a workaround rather than a solution.
Ryan at Sonos, save me!
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It is a work around. I am waiting for Google home sonos skill and airplay2.
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Yep that’s fine if you have a Google Home or a compatible Sonos device - I have neither
Thanks for the ideas though

You could use An Apple airport express plugged into your Play-5 to use AirPlay as a line-in source. I assume there might also be a new generation, or updates, for those AE devices, that will go onto support AirPlay-2, whenever it is finally released to the general public. That maybe another option for you to add to your list of things to consider if you don’t wish to purchase any of the latest Sonos products that will support AirPlay-2.

I think a certain amount of voice control of AirPlay-2 compatible Apps, including Apple Music, will also be available via Siri on iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and hopefully Apple TV.

So lots there to think about for your current Sonos setup. Personally I’ve just added a Sonos One to my system at this (early) stage.