When you sell your soul to Jeff...

  • 4 September 2020
  • 2 replies

he doesn’t let your customers say anything other than Alexa to wake you up. 

Sonos, when does your agreement with Amazon end so that you can push other wake words out to our devices?

2 replies

I think that’s not a Sonos issue, but one assigned by Jeff and his cohorts. A feature he can use to tout his own hardware. 

And if there agreement with Amazon were to end, you wouldn’t have any connection to Alexa, much less additional wake words. You are aware the two companies are suing each other right now?

That’s my point exactly. I’m confident that restricting the wake word to “Alexa” was part of that agreement. I’m just hoping that at some point they will be able to get past that.


Sonos is in fact suing Google. They threw shade at Amazon but were cited as not having the resources to bring litigation against both companies simultaneously.