When are the other Alex Wake Words Coming?

  • 26 May 2019
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I'd love to further the conversation around adding the other wake words to the Sonos One that the other Alexa devices offer. Today the setting is not available for the Sonos One but I hope a software update is in the works to add this functionality. The ability to change the Alexa wake word is a reason people choose Alexa over Google in this category. The smart assistant integration is why we pay the extra $50 over the Play:1. I normally associate perfection with Sonos, but it can still be fixed!

Any update on the update? Anything we can do to make this happen?

1 reply

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I really can't imagine why you felt the need to create a new thread on this after posting in 2 other existing threads on this exact same topic. The answer here is gonna be the same as the answer you already read in those other threads:

Quote Keith N (Sonos Staff):
Hi there, User96576. There are no plans to change the Sonos One wake word at the moment, while I can absolutely understand how that can be a bit impractical. I am happy to forward this as a feature request along to the team for consideration and visibility, however.

Thanks for reaching out!