using alexa to play Radio 2

  • 24 March 2020
  • 4 replies

hi I ask Alexa to play BBC Radio 2 from my Sonos speaker’s upstairs and it works  but my downstairs Sonos speakers stopped playing Radio 2 when the service via Tuneln  was disabled. the upstairs voice is English and downstairs is American. I’ve tried Amazon for help but they couldn’t fix it for me. any help gratefully received. 

4 replies

Hi John

tjank you changed the downstairs devices to UK voice settings and that works! Asked Alexa to play Radio 2 and there’s BBC Radio 2. Perfect. Thanks so much. 

OK thanks for info.  Two points:

  1. Have you enabled the BBC skill for Alexa?
  2. In the Sonos app, go into Settings, Services, Amazon Alexa. Under Sonos Products see if you can spot any differences between the upstairs and downstairs speakers.  Are they all set up to the same account? One difference I am sure you will see is that the upstairs speakers have Voice Language English (UK) and the downstairs English (US), so you should be able to sort those out.
  3. Edit: additional question.  What happens with non-BBC radio stations with Alexa?

Thanks John. I have 2 x Sonos One upstairs, Sonos 1 in the kitchen and a Beam in the living room. No Echo devices. And yes I can see them all at the same time. If I go to the app and play BBC radio 2 I can group or play on one device only. It’s just using Alexa to ask to play. Thank you

Hi.  Which Sonos speakers do you have upstairs and which downstairs?  Do you have any Echo devices, and if so where?

Can you see all the Sonos speakers together in the Sonos app at the same time?