Use Sonos One to control Fire TV with Alexa

  • 5 June 2018
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Finding something to watch can be as easy as saying “Alexa, show me comedies." Use your Sonos One to control what’s playing on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick by following these steps:

First, set up your Sonos One completely if you haven’t yet. Install your Sonos app and set up that new speaker! For full steps and directions, see here.

Second, now that your Sonos One is all set up, you’ll need to set up your Fire TV if you haven’t yet. You can also add your streaming service apps to Fire TV, such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix, and confirm you can use the Fire TV remote to stream videos.

Finally, you can configure Alexa built-in to the Sonos One to control your Fire TV.

There are some great steps here from Amazon to link the devices. For your convenience, here they are:
  1. Go to the menu and select Music, Video, & Books.
  2. Select Fire TV.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Select Link Devices to confirm your selection.

When linking your Sonos One, you will see two entries for your Sonos One. One of those is the same name as it shows in the Sonos app, the other will usually have Sonos One in the name.

For example, my Sonos One is called "Living Room" in the Sonos app, the Fire TV linking menu shows both "Living Room" and a second name for the device "Ryan’s Sonos One." Make sure you select that second name.

While you’re in that menu, you can add any credentials for those apps to find and play from your favorites.

You’re all set up!

You can now use your Sonos One to control Fire TV. Check out some of these commands:

“Alexa, pause.”
“Alexa, fast-forward.”
“Alexa, fast-forward 5 minutes.”
“Alexa, rewind.”
“Alexa, rewind 5 minutes.”
“Alexa, play.”
“Alexa, next episode.”
“Alexa, last episode.”
“Alexa, start over.”
“Alexa, play from the beginning.”
"Alexa, watch Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime on Fire TV"
"Alexa, watch Brooklyn Nine Nine on Hulu on Fire TV"
"Alexa, watch Late Night With Seth Myers on Fire TV"
"Alexa, show me comedies on Fire TV"

Looking for a specific command, check out this page for the specific request you might need to use.

Please note that TV, movies, and videos you want to watch must be available for your streaming service account. Also, some commands you'll need to use "Alexa, Play" as a follow-up, or reach for your remote.

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3 replies

I may be missing a step, but I don't see my Sonos One in the list of devices available to link. I only see the regular echos or dots I have in the house.
I do see the Sonos One in the regular list of Alexa devices in the Alexa app, and my Sonos One does work with Alexa commands.

Any ideas?

I have followed all of the steps and my Alexa/Sonos One tells me that the "Hub that the Fire TV stick is linked" to is unreachable. I have seen posts that mention that it may take overnight for the Sonos One to link to the Fire TV stick. Why is that? I'm also interested in whether the Fire TV stick can be on the 5 GHz band of my dual-band router while the Sonos One is on the 2.4 GHz band. Thanks!
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Shouldn't matter that they are on 2 different bands (unless you have a non-consumer router that isolates the bands)