Unable to add Alexa to the Sonos App

  • 28 January 2020
  • 2 replies

I try many manuals or videos, but the possibility of Add Voice Control is missing in the Sonos app. I have the latest iOS, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation. Is it possible that this feature is hidden for my country? I'm living in the Czech Republic. Are some features hidden for any country in Europe? Could I change the setting for a different country?

2 replies

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Using Alexa within Sonos is available in a supported region; you can see the list right here. We are currently working on expanding supported in other regions as well. Others in the community may also recommend changing the geolocation to a supported region. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend it as Czech Republic is currently not supported.

Sorry, but Alexa is working right now in my home, even if I select the Czech republic. Yes, it’s in English, but it’s not a problem.
“We are currently working on expanding supported in other regions as well.“ I saw the page you posted where is only one message: “No upcoming countries have been announced.“. Then I can wait forever.
If there will be a problem with Alexa, I can understand, but Alexa is working!! Then allow to add Alexa and in YOUR not supported countries, and add some note it’s Beta testing with no guarantees.
Even If I change the location of Amazon Echo Dot to Germany, same as in Sonos Account, I’m not able to add the Alexa to Sonos App.