TV Audio Does not Duck

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does not mute when speaking to Alexa

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The Sonos One? It won’t mute. The volume just gets a little lower after the tone.
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Sorry there was a lot more info but the thread wont let me edit, so.. Ive got a Samsung TV with Sonos on a audio feed through a Playbar, also a sub and two play1s in a cinema setup, also a PC using the TV as a monitor with a Sonos controller on the PC, and all being controlled by Alexa, I was concerned that my setup did not 'duck' when i spoke to Alexa but have since found out that Sonos does not duck on TV, so that feature is unavailable when i have my TV fed through my soundbar so of course my music on my computer both mp3, mp4 etc will continue playing at full volume when i speak to Alexa.
sometimes when i speak to my partner on Skype i cannot get sound despite everything apparently being correct (not muted, speakers correct etc).
This and many more problems to come as the help (hopefully) rolls in, :)
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Can you Open Skype>...>Settings>Audio & Video and make sure that Speakers are set to the PlayBar.

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