Timer Issues

  • 1 December 2017
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Timer not accurate

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7 replies

Does anyone else have trouble setting timer with Alexa? Set timer for 5 minutes and it goes off in four etc.
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What timer?

Do you mean an alarm or are you referring to the sleep timer?

Either way I assume Sonos only uses the integer (minute) part of the current time to do a sleep timer.

So if you set a timer for 5 minutes at 5 30 and 50 secs I assume it will stop the music at 5 35 and 0 seconds. Ie 4 minutes and 10 seconds later

I suspect that is what you are seeing
Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the timer function. Using it in the kitchen for cooking purposes and it consistently goes off about a minute (50-53 seconds) early. I've ran the test many times and always yields about the same results. I would have thought that the results would have evened out under your theory and was wondering if it is a malfunction and I should ask Sonos to swap units for me. My soft boiled eggs are always going to be under done 🙂
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Sonos does NOT have a timer facility
I have a Sonos One with the Alexa app
Yes, but the Sonos One with the Alexa app is using the Alexa cloud to deal with the timer. At that point, Sonos is purely a speaker, and has no control over any aspect of the timer. You may want to ping Amazon about the issue.
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Might have helped if you’d actually given the information you were using Alexa

Buy yourself an egg timer is my advice