Thought I wanted the new ONEs, but they're being returned for the Play 1's.

  • 1 November 2017
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I purchased three ONEs last week, thinking "It'll be great to have Alexa all over the house." As a gadget freak, yeah, it's great, but in reality, the new ONEs with Alexa have been more of a pain and inconvenience than what it's worth. I'm not a Spotify person, so the lack of that support doesn't bother me, right now. The whole "Everything Alexa does..." built into the ONE just isn't true at all, and I feel like it's blatant false advertising on Sonos' part. They should put some kind of disclaimer on the new ONEs, in my opinion. I'm gonna return the ONEs for Play 1' s instead, and with the money I save on those, I'll pick up some Echo Dots that actually DO everything Alexa can do. Don't get me wrong, the new ONEs are awesome when it comes to audio, but I'm tired of hearing, "I don't understand that, etc..." from Alexa in the new ONEs. Maybe in time, software updates to the ONEs will allow you do do "everything" Alexa does, but I'm not holding my breath on that. To me, it just makes sense to spend 40 bucks on an Echo Dot so I can use Drop In, make phone calls, check notifications, etc.--all things that can't be done with the new ONEs at this time.

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