The Alexa wake word recognition is terrible

  • 23 November 2017
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It's been complained about on a few threads, but this is really disappointing. I want a great speaker, that has the Alexa experience I've come to expect from an Echo or Dot. That's what Sonos advertising is selling with this product. But it's terrible. You have to shout, it has tons of false positives. It's half baked, and it shouldn't have been released. I think I'm going to have to return it, which I wouldn't have dreamed of before. The speaker is great, it's a Play One with some mics shoved in it, but with functionality that just doesn't work. Yes, it will work, if you get one foot away and shout, but for the most part it's a dance of closing distance and increasing volume. Everyone I know who got one feels the same way. They might keep it for the speaker, and it's the same price as a Play One, but... as a voice recognition system it's really bad, and pales in comparison to anything Amazon makes.

I hope they get it together, but I can't wait over my 45 day return window to do it. Support isn't very helpful, other than saying they are making improvements. I understand that, but this is core functionality they are selling, and it doesn't work.

I might be looking at some Play One Black Friday deals, and get a dot. I wish this was the product they are selling it as, but it just isn't.

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1 reply

I couldn’t agree more. Wake word recognition is absolutely terrible, and the fact that you can’t change it doesn’t help one bit. As mentioned above this is basic stuff. Clearly this was prematurely released so SONOS could tap the holiday sales period. I hope they can correct it with software, because if it’s just sub par hardware then they deserve many, many returns.