Telling Alexa to play Sonos on my main speakers via Harmony Hub

  • 26 December 2017
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I just purchased an Echo and have it pretty well connected to my Harmony Hub, meaning it turns on my TV and Roku, which includes turning on my AV Receiver so that TV sound also plays through my stereo speakers and sub.

I also have my Sonos Connect set up on Harmony so that when I push one of the activity buttons, the AVR turns on, which, of course, allows me to play my Music Library and music services through my stereo.

The Echo understands the command "Turn on Music" and turns on the receiver. But when I ask it to play something on Spotify via Sonos, it always does so through the Echo's speakers. How can I teach the Alexa to play Spotify on Sonos through my AVR and main speakers via Harmony Hub? Or can I not do that? And is there a way for Alexa to tell Sonos to access my Music Library and play it on my stereo through Harmony Hub.

Basically, I want the following to work:
"Turn on My Music." AVR turns on.
"Play Springsteen on Spotify." Music plays on my main speakers.


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1 reply

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You can't do this through the harmondy hub but do directly via the Sonos Skill in Alexa.

Go into Alexa App and find Sonos skill and setup. You will then still have to independently tell alexa to turn on your AVR "sounds like you have command Turn on Music"
Then say Alexa play sprinsteen on Spotify on "Sonos Room name"
There are lots of help articles on the sonos website on alexa and Sonos.

Note: It will only play sources setup withing Alexa (so you have to setup Alexa Spotify). It will not access local libraries or Sonos app sources.