Technical Support - automatic forwarding of new feature updates by Sonos

  • 31 October 2017
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I have been speaking with Sonos technical support today and they do not have an automatic way of notifying users of new features available for the Sonos One speaker. I have discovered a couple of features including sleep timer and alarm feature that work with Amazon Alexa yet despite the fact the speaker is marketed as being able to fully integrate with Amazon Alexa, it isn't.
I asked if technical support could tell me IF they know when a fix for these and other new features will be available and they say that there is no automatic method of telling their owners of new features or upgrades - even items where we need their assistance to organise a fix.
I am really surprised that Sonos do not have this feature - it is bizarre, and I wonder if anyone knows how we can press them to fix an integration issue that should be working already and to get feedback.

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3 replies

I can think of three things to look for. First whenever you get an update on the Sonos or Alexa app, check to see if there are any new features added. Two, sign up to get email updates from the company. It's going to let you know of the new features, though maybe not all, since Sonos may not want to flood your inbox. Last, periodically look in the announcement forum for threads started by Sonos employees.
I'd certainly agree with melvimbe. But I would think that some changes made by Amazon on the cloud side of processing may not be communicated with Sonos on an official channel, so that some things that were designed to work originally but didn't may start working, without any notification such as updates to the apps at all.

My experience having owned an Alexa product for a year or so is that the most frequent way that Amazon announces new features isn't with an app update, but in a weekly "try this on your Alexa" email, since it's not the app that is changing, but the back end processing.

And having been in the software business for a few years, I'm also aware of "soft launches" of features, just to make sure that it all works before making the announcement, and getting a hard stress test immediately. Most of the games I've launched have actually gone out many hours before the "official" date, to make sure that had all of our ducks in a row, that systems were functioning, and any last minute issues could be rectified, before the flood of users.

But, as you say, it would be nice if there were some sort of official page on the announcements page to indicate when they're willing to have everyone be aware of the changes that are available.

Speaking personally, I'd love for that thread to be locked, so it's just a list of things that are now available to be used, without the spurious commentary that seems to ensue.
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I concur about the weekly newsletter. It should keep you apprised of the ever-changing world of Alexa.