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  • 9 October 2017
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I'm interested to hear people's stories (preferably humorous) of syntax issues when giving Alexa commands to play on Sonos. Whether it be hard to pronounce, duplicate names, or odd responses from Alexa.

Mine is having to say "Alexa, Play Pool music Playlist at the Pool". Too many Ps. And yes, I know I could change my naming convention.

Along those lines, it would be nice if Alexa would recognize that 'pool music' is my playlist without me specifying so, an not immediately find some radio pool music radio station without even checking to see if the name my matched my playlist. Completely not a Sonos issue, as the Alexa service is processing this part of the request.

And while I'm dreaming, once Alexa figures out what Sonos zones are tied to what Alexa devices for defalt purposes, it would be nice if I could let Alexa know that unless I state otherwise, pool music is always played at the pool. Actually, that problem is better solved with a routine.

1 reply

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Lately, I've been asking Alexa to play "Rag'n'Bone" man songs a lot. It's not as humorous as it is annoying, but if I get the order wrong she almost always gives me a karaoke version. I don't know why the karaoke version is preferred when I go "out of order", but it's pretty consistently her first choice.


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