Switching inputs on Beam, misaligned volume

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I'm very disappointed with my Sonos Beam. When I have the tv on and then pause the tv sound and ask for music, and subsequently want to return to the TV sound input, none of ths suggested commands (Alexa, switch "device name" to TV, etc.) are accepted by the system. The only way to get it back is to turn off the TV and rely on the TV Autoplay feature to reconnect to the TV. And when it does, the volume slider is way out of calibration. If I can switch to music via voice command, why is it such a hassle to switch back?

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Hi there, rgsonwbc. At home, I use this command "Alexa, switch to TV" on the Beam connected to my TV and it will switch over without hassle. If you check the dialog history with Alexa, does it seem like it is hearing you properly?

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