Streaming initiated by voice cutting out other accounts

  • 23 January 2020
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I have a Spotify Family account, Alexa and Sonos are linked to their own account. When i’m listening to music at work (phone) and someone initiates music via Alexa on my Sonos One it cuts out the music on my phone, even though it’s a seperate account in use. Is this normal?

2 replies

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No, its not normal. Lets start with the basics: on the sonos app you can select from several spotify accounts… double check on your phone vs a sonos app on another ipad or computer… I think you may be inadvertently switching back to your phones spotify account…  let me know

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Sonos and Alexa are using a family account I created specifically for them, i’m using a seperate family account.on my phone.

It says in this post

Spotify have restricted Audio to a single stream when initiated via voice control and so that's why it's terminating each others stream.