stop command

  • 5 January 2020
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Just A few days ago the stop command for music is no longer working. I’ve tried just about everything but I guess not the right ones. Anyone have ideas?

4 replies

Which controller are you using?

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Normally, this is fixed by Disabling the Sonos skill in the Alexa App and then Enabling again.

I've read everything and disabled/enabled, turned off, rebooted, restarted...everything. The Alexa commands still cannot “stop” or “pause” music. I have tried saying “stop the music”, “stop”, “stop playing music”, “stop music”, “stop Sonos Move”,  and every other possible variation. “Mute” works, so that's what I use when I want the music to stop, then I go to my phone, open the Sonos app & clear the queue. Is there a fix to this yet?? 

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Have you tried saying “pause” instead? Amazon changed the handling of the Stop command  (specificially “Amazon.StopIntent”) which can break some Skills that have not been updated. The problem may also depend on your locale - US Alexa is quite different to the other English-language Alexa services.