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"Alexa, play radio nova" will set the following radio station:

but what I actually want it to set is this station:

How do I set a specific station that share the same name ?


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I always run into TuneIn syntax issues with Alexa.

Try "Alexa, play Radio Nova 1015 from TuneIn"

See how she responds with that command.
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Radio station names are a real challenge for voice control. I recommend creating Sonos Favorites for the ones you use a lot, then speak the name of the Favorite. Also true for SiriusXM stations which are are almost impossible to refer to by name.
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thank you both. "Alexa, play Radio Nova 1015 from TuneIn" will result in Alexa telling me that the radio station can't be found in TuneIn.
The station itself is already in my favorites list.
Are you sure that Alexa can play anything from my favorites list ? Afaik it has no knowledge of the favorites...
What would be the exact command to play a favorite ?
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Oh, I didn't realize that the official alexa support can't do Sonos Favorites. My Alexa skill can, but it is unavailable right now as it is in Amazon certification for an update.

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