Spotify on Sonos and other oddities

  • 25 October 2017
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New unit arrived today. New Account, first device installed. Few quirks on the setup. largely went well. Sonos app / Speaker didn't like the Wifi Network I was joining to, so I had to hardwire, run updates, then run the Wifi Setup while hardwired. All good.

Setup Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, Amazon Music. All play fine via Sonos App. Nice. Expected nothing less based on feedback I've heard from others.

Enable Alexa - the federation process was pretty bad. Click on the enable button, and it flips out to the Amazon app on my iPhone, then immediately flips back to the Sonos app. and no progress. cancel out, reboot speaker, reboot app, reboot phone... same... multiple attempts. Uninstalled Amazon app. Ran Alexa enable again - this time the setup invokes Safari and goes to Amazon website, authenticates me, then brings me to perms for Enabling Alexa on Sonos. Good times... working now. Alexa told me a joke. 🙂 "Did you hear about golf's new super hero? His name is on the green lantern" 🙂

"Alexa Play Pandora" - Ta-Da!
"Alexa Play Channel 8 on Sirius XM" - Ta-Da!
"Aexa Play Jazz on Amazon Music" - Ta-Da!
"Alexa Play EDM Playlist on Spotify" - "I can't play from Spotify Music on that device"

All of my other alexa devices - no problem (3X Echo Dot, 1X Echo, 1X Echo Tap)

Spotify skill enabled in Alexa App.
Spotify Federated in Sonos App.

Bummer, man. Assume this is a quirk for being brand new, and they'll get it fixed at some point... soon? 🙂

Anyone have advice? Other oddities you've noticed? I get that it's not fully Alexa Enabled as of this point (Notifications seem to be out the window right now, but if I ask about open orders she can tell me my orders)

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1 reply

Full spotify support is expected by Christmas. Until then you can initiate play from the Sonos app and then control pause, resume, skip, previous, and volume from Alexa.